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Skin Care for the TG Woman

Many TG women do not take care of their skin. I would like many of you to consider using some products..which will help your skin look healthy, clean, and which willl close large pores (which men have). Sephora has a great line for closing large pores. Many drug store lines will also work. You want to peel off any dry skin, and tighten any large pores. You will find, you will look better in guy mode too! I would like to hear what any of you have used and what has worked.

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Voice-Reply to Vickie from SCC 2006

Vickie,I agree with you–when I work with the serious TG woman–voice is the most difficult. And, combining your voice and your movement (together) will give you the most authentic look and feel possible. Vickie, it is possible. I have clients who can attain and retain both. First, practice my DVD’s on movement…until they become second nature. Next, try downloading a free 10 day trial software program from the net. I like Spectrogram by Richard Horne. IF you like it…he sells it for $50.00 I use this when working with my clients, and voice pathlogist also use this type of program….if you were to go in and work with one (for hundreds of dollars). You will need a mic ($10.00 from Radio Shack). They have great tech support to help you set it up.

Now, once you download the software..find the 185 to 300 Pitch range on the Spectogram. Next, find the BACK spot of the bottom, back of your thorat. As I showed you at SCC…put your index finger on your Adams Apple. Swallow. You will feel a V go down and BACK.

This is the cord stretching out, as you swallow. You want to speak from that spot. Also, remember when I showed you ladies how to practice saying: HA HA HA This leaves your mouth open. Feel your mouth drop open with a HA?

Now try HE HE HE. This PULLS your lips in and pulls your throat muscles UP…and this HE HE HE is the upward pull you want in your throat. Have each word go UP not DOWN.

You can see and play back your practice on the graph. This is a wonderful way to SEE where your pitch is and HEAR. Inflection is music while speaking. I suggest you move in a feminine way, while you are learning to speak with more inflection. Vickie, review my Vol 3. I really cover moving the shoulders while speaking. Most TG women do not understand that–their shoulders can be their new voice! Throw a shoulder forward when saying, really? Pull the shoulder in or lift it. Roll both shoulders. Vickie, I really want you to focus on Vol 3 as it has all the head, shoulder, arm and hand movements that will enable your voice to feel, sound, and look more feminine.

Vickie, also….email me at for a 75 min private voice lesson on the telephone. I charge $50.00 and I can help you find your voice. Vickie, lastly lower the volume of your voice by 1/2. Actually, if you are speaking from your lower cord and from the BACK of your thoat….your volume will be naturally cut in half. Sing in the car. Read signs along the freeway. And, smile. Do you realize that women show more teeth? Observe how animated women are when they speak, by lifting their eye brows, by lifting their hands up, by using words that describe feel, sound, and smell. Feminine women will bend their knees, point a foot as they throw it out, and even turn in a half circle while clapping their hands. Watch the expressions men have while speaking. Now, watch the expressions women have. More importantly, men are not animated when they “LISTEN”. Women are more animated when listening. Vickie, I hope this helps! Let me know how you do and I love hearing all of the questions you ladies have.


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Wigs- reply to Elaine

Hi Elaine. Yes, great question.

I also wanted to address wigs for the TG girl who is not full time. Does the CD need to invest in a real human hair wig? Most people will say no. When a CD– is not full time, and she does not know how to “style” a real human hair wig…then it is probably best she purchases a quality synthetic wig that retains its curl. Dressing on the “run” is hard enough, without adding a curling iron and rollers to the mix. However, you should go into a good wig salon (not wig shop) and try on several good higher quality synethetic wigs. Having a qualified wig expert help you try on different blends and colors is very important and “seeing” how you look in each one will help you decide. They can also help you determine the cut

I have seen some beautiful, higher quality synthetic wigs that look very good. I suggest Hanson Fontana Wig Salon in SF. However, calling first to make an appointment and to be certain they will have several wigs ready for you –in the price range and color you want — is essential. A wig salon does NOT have hundreds of wigs out on display like the average wig shop. They specialize in certain wigs and will need to order what you are looking for. They will generally have 3 or 4 wigs ready for you to try on. If you don’t buy one, that is okay also. In addition, you and I can arrange a telephone consultation and I can then help determine which wigs you should have them prepare for your visit. I will the call Hanson Fontana and arrange to have several wigs ready for you to try on.

I hope this helps!

I would also like to discuss the importance of voice and movment next. I see many of my clients, who struggle with both voice and movement…once they go out “during the day”.

Going out during the day seems to be what determines when a TG woman needs to work on both these areas. I would enjoy hearing all your thoughts of voice and movement!



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Welcome to my blog

Hi Ladies and welcome to my blog. I started this blog as a way for me to help you develop a more feminine image as well as to answer any questions you might have. Click on feedback to read others comments

I am often asked, what the most common mistakes the serious TG woman makes –that give her away. This is an excellent topic to discuss, and I could give you several answers that would take hours ! So, I will start with one of the most common mistakes (which is easily corrected) I see a new TG woman stumble upon that will say, “Guy In A Dress”.

Of course, much of this depends on how often the girl goes out, and if she plans on a transition. Let’s assume, she is serious and goes out during the day–not just at night to a club. In my experience training hundreds of TGwomen, I have realized that 90% of serious TG women do not understand how to select a better wig or hair partial –that is made for her face, lifestyle  and color of skin and eyes. I have found, a quality, more expensive wig– is the ONE accessory you will wear every time you go out and it is best to save for this purchase. Then,  you can go into a wig salon and try on many wigs and
have help in selecting a quality wig colored and cut for you.

Most wigs are rayon and are very thick at the top crown, a dead give away. I suggest you put a quality wig in your one year, three year buying plan. And, find a quality wig salon (not wig shop or internet wig) that will offer you excellent aftercare with cleaning and styling, that can UPS your clean and styled wig back to you within 48 hours.

Now, you have heard from me, I would like to hear what many of you feel, is your most difficult obstacle. I will continue with other ideas.


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