Skin Care for the TG Woman

Many TG women do not take care of their skin. I would like many of you to consider using some products..which will help your skin look healthy, clean, and which willl close large pores (which men have). Sephora has a great line for closing large pores. Many drug store lines will also work. You want to peel off any dry skin, and tighten any large pores. You will find, you will look better in guy mode too! I would like to hear what any of you have used and what has worked.

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2 thoughts on “Skin Care for the TG Woman

  1. Denae,

    In speaking about skin care, I have found that there are many products out there, and let it be known that I have tried several of them. My biggest problem both in guy mode and en femme, is that I didn’t feel that I had a smooth canvas to apply my makeup so that it looked both feminine and natural, from both far away and up close. I finally wnet to Sephora and had an analysis done of my skin and they suggested several things to help improve the texture, look and feel of my facial skin. First, they told me to use a “peel” and they selected one from Juice products that is natural and should be applied once to twice per week. This helps to strip away the dead skin cells and makes your face absoluteley soft and fresh looking. Daily I apply a glycolic cleansing solution that helps to smooth the skin and really diminish the look of my pores. When I shave, I do a double shave with shaving cream and then finish it off by using a pore refining cleanser from Nutregena as I shave a third and final time. What this accomplishes for both guy and feminine mode, is that it really closes the pores, gives me a softer more feminine look, and it allows my stbble to stay away for at least 6 hours of time. (at least in my case). After a week of this regiment, my face has become softer, the pores are almost non existent and the overall look is much more youthful and vibrant.

    When I am dressing to go out, after I have gone through the shaving routine, I apply some pore perfiecting cream from Clinique, wait and let it set, then I apply a product from Sephora called Present, which fills in lines and wrinkles. This needs about 2 minutes to set. Then I apply my makeup and when it is all done, I look much more feminine then before I started workng on my face with peels etc. You can get up close to anyone in daytime or at night time and they don’t even blink an eye….. because they assume you are female from the start. Your skin is absolutely beautiful and you also don’t use as much makeup to hide facial flaws. I hope this helps the other ladies out there.

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