Voice-Reply to Vickie from SCC 2006

Vickie,I agree with you–when I work with the serious TG woman–voice is the most difficult. And, combining your voice and your movement (together) will give you the most authentic look and feel possible. Vickie, it is possible. I have clients who can attain and retain both. First, practice my DVD’s on movement…until they become second nature. Next, try downloading a free 10 day trial software program from the net. I like Spectrogram by Richard Horne. IF you like it…he sells it for $50.00 I use this when working with my clients, and voice pathlogist also use this type of program….if you were to go in and work with one (for hundreds of dollars). You will need a mic ($10.00 from Radio Shack). They have great tech support to help you set it up.

Now, once you download the software..find the 185 to 300 Pitch range on the Spectogram. Next, find the BACK spot of the bottom, back of your thorat. As I showed you at SCC…put your index finger on your Adams Apple. Swallow. You will feel a V go down and BACK.

This is the cord stretching out, as you swallow. You want to speak from that spot. Also, remember when I showed you ladies how to practice saying: HA HA HA This leaves your mouth open. Feel your mouth drop open with a HA?

Now try HE HE HE. This PULLS your lips in and pulls your throat muscles UP…and this HE HE HE is the upward pull you want in your throat. Have each word go UP not DOWN.

You can see and play back your practice on the graph. This is a wonderful way to SEE where your pitch is and HEAR. Inflection is music while speaking. I suggest you move in a feminine way, while you are learning to speak with more inflection. Vickie, review my Vol 3. I really cover moving the shoulders while speaking. Most TG women do not understand that–their shoulders can be their new voice! Throw a shoulder forward when saying, really? Pull the shoulder in or lift it. Roll both shoulders. Vickie, I really want you to focus on Vol 3 as it has all the head, shoulder, arm and hand movements that will enable your voice to feel, sound, and look more feminine.

Vickie, also….email me at denaedoyle@femimage.com for a 75 min private voice lesson on the telephone. I charge $50.00 and I can help you find your voice. Vickie, lastly lower the volume of your voice by 1/2. Actually, if you are speaking from your lower cord and from the BACK of your thoat….your volume will be naturally cut in half. Sing in the car. Read signs along the freeway. And, smile. Do you realize that women show more teeth? Observe how animated women are when they speak, by lifting their eye brows, by lifting their hands up, by using words that describe feel, sound, and smell. Feminine women will bend their knees, point a foot as they throw it out, and even turn in a half circle while clapping their hands. Watch the expressions men have while speaking. Now, watch the expressions women have. More importantly, men are not animated when they “LISTEN”. Women are more animated when listening. Vickie, I hope this helps! Let me know how you do and I love hearing all of the questions you ladies have.


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One thought on “Voice-Reply to Vickie from SCC 2006

  1. Vickie,

    I have worked with Denae, and even though I had the makeup down and looked feminine, it was not until I worked with Denae that I really moved to the next level. The best advice that I can give you is that you need to study the DVD’s and practice what she has put on them. With the feminine look down, you will not be taken seriously unless you also get the movement and mannerisms that Denae teaches on her DVD down. Voice, I must tell you is the hardest area to perfect, but if you listen to what she is telling you and you practice hard, it can be done. You need to purchase the program that she is suggesting, because it will be the best 50.00 that you have ever spent. I have the program, and it is brutally honest with you. It doesn’t lie about how you sound and where your pitch is. I feel that it is essential that you get this program so that you can actually see where you are on the scale that she speaks about. Once you have this down, you can then start to hear where you are and then the voice happens. I started out with practicing about 10 per day and then moved up to 20 minutes per day, and now I can pretty much speak for longer periods of time. Trust me, if you get the program and actually practice hard, you will be amazed at how your voice sounds. I even went so far as calling department stores and asking questions to the ladies departments in my new female voice. It worked like a charm and they always addressed me as madam or mam. Even though this is the hardest part of being feminine, once you get the voice, movement and mannerisms down, your confidence level goes way up and the sky is the limit.

    Hope this helps you.

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