Reply to Renee

Hi Renee;

Thanks for your post on skin care with your great tips on peels and moisturizer. For many TG women, in the beginning, they don’t always know the importance of skin care–and often they don’t know where to begin.

Also, your comments on using the software program for our voice training, is another excellent suggestion from you. Many new TG women, feel voice is very difficult.

Renee, thank you for all your great comments.


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2 thoughts on “Reply to Renee

  1. Anita,

    I agree that you dress for other women. When you are out dining or shopping and another women compliments you on your dress and style, then as you say, you are on your way. Dressing age appropriate and stylish, promotes comments and polite critisism from other women. If you study the feminine culture and invest in the time it takes to perfect your appearence, you can attain the ultimate goal of being part of the femininie culture.

    Also, I agree with you that skin care is crucial to having the ultimate canvas to apply your makeup to. Without the proper skin preperation, the exercise of putting on makeup, is just that….. an exercise.

  2. I find that if you just “buy-in” to the culture of women you’ll discover that you have to invest as much time as any woman does on her appearance. Because I perform in a show that is primarily women, I get the same girl-to-girl advice and the same “polite feedback” that women commonly share. I do not get to dress in “crossdresser” clothes – there is an expectation to be contemporary and to dress for other women 🙂

    Also, a skin care regimen is crucial – especially if you are wearing makeup with any regularity! I happen to really like products from Lush like Gorgeous moisturizer and Fresh Farmacy face cleaner (no “soap” cleansing bar) – women notice when you are doing things “right!” and will ask you about what you are doing. That is when you know you are headed in the right direction!

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