Feb, Buying A Leather Handbag On Sale

Hello Ladies,

I had a new client and she had a beautiful real red leather handbag and a new red calf leather coat. She told me Wilsons had all their leather handbags and coats on sale up to 75% off. I went on line for wilsons.com and bought a white leather purse for $40.00 that is normally $187.00


So, for you ladies who need those expensive leather items try finding them on sale in Jan and still in Feb…before the Spring clothing comes in. Generally, Jan is a great time to purchase your expensive leather  coats, boots, purses.

 Many stores and E-Bay have thier cord jeans and sweaters.. on sale for under $10.00 You can still wear them during evening outings or save them for next winter!

Share with us, any sale item you have found also!


One thought on “Feb, Buying A Leather Handbag On Sale

  1. Thank you for all the great tips Denae! I would like to suggest to everyone NOT to buy leather, it is mean! I would feel so terrible if animals had to suffer just so I could look good. Trust me, you can look amazing and not have to hurt any animals! Most people love their dogs and cats but then don’t realize that similar animals are treated very cruelly when they are not looking. Well I’ll get off my soapbox, thanks again I love your site and your tips!! 🙂 http://www.cowsarecool.com.

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