TG Dressing & Beauty Tips For Cross Dressers

I recently had a beautiful past client who is a very experienced  cross dresser, share her greatest dressing tips with me. I thought I knew every tip, but I also realized –many of you — who are experienced in dressing–probably have a  special tip to share. And, I will be sharing the new tips I learned–all this week.

So, please send in any Tips for Cross Dressing and I will post them! You can click on feedback or catagory, and your personal information  or email…will not be posted. Just your name or initial will be posted.

Send  your favorite suggestions for breast forms, hip forms, adhesive, medical glue, etc. Also, any special product for makeup.

I have some real great tips which I have learned over the past few years and, I will be posting, one each day…so lets all make this informative and fun!


3 thoughts on “TG Dressing & Beauty Tips For Cross Dressers

  1. Before applying makeup, I cleanse my face and do a mini facial. After the facial, I then follow with a moisturizer and finally with a primer product to fill in the fine lines and some of the pores. This allows me to have a perfect canvas to apply my makeup to. Also, this allows my facial features as far as skin look, to be as feminine as possible.

  2. Dear Deane,

    I think another tip would be to make sure that you don’t rush the makeup process. It takes time to make yourself presentable when you go out in public. I use a primer before I start putting on my makeup. This helps to minimize the fine lines and pores so that when the makeup is applied, the canvas it is applied to is flawless, thus helping to create the best feminine face that you can project.


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