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Getting Ready For My Seminar At RGA

I am wondering what to speak about –at RGA in San Jose CA, this Friday night Nov 5th. For any girls in the San Jose/San Francisco area, this is an excellent support group which holds meetings on the first Friday night of every month. RGA is Rainbow Gender Association, in San Jose CA.  Just goggle it for details and directions.

I am always wondering what a tg girl is interested in knowing more about. Some girls are new, while others have worked at dressing for years. I am amazed at how many crossdressers are happy with just keeping their life at dressing and not going any further. I have seen, this is determined by–which group a new girl attends, and what the other members suggest and model –to a new tg girl. While other groups suggest hormones and  living as a woman…as the goal of many.

 Having a loved one with gender issues myself, and having worked as a professional in the gender community…I have seen gender issues from both “sides of the fence”. Everyone is so different, and we all have the right to be who we are. I suppose, the goal is to “be true to who you are” without losing everything in order to “test” if full time is best for you. Jobs, homes, career are often just to much of a cost. I discuss this with most of my clients, the ol’ balance… is best. It seems balance in anything we  really enjoy and obsess on should be under our watchful eye ( such as my personal compulsions of eating ice cream, buying cars, buying clothing, makeup and electronic equipment). Whatever has that “hold” over us…seems to always work out best, when we can control it and not have it control us. My clients that balance dressing, with their family and work–seem to be the happiest.  While others, feel nothing is worth not going forward.

Now, back to what I am going to discuss at RGA?

Tips On Dressing

Wardrobe Ideas

Sizing for Undergarments

Makeup Ideas

I am always wondering what type of subject a girl wants me

to discuss!

Any ideas out there?

Denae, Santa Cruz, CA in beautiful Northern CA