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TG Acceptance Day/ On You Tube

UTube Video below to view.

I have had several of my clients, send me this:

 UTube Video link below… regarding TG Deaths. It is very sad, but I thought I would show it to you, as I am always telling my girls to “BE CAREFUL” out there. So, take a look…as it is insightful.

Many TG woman want to pass, but seldom list “safety” for a reason to pass or blend in as a woman.   I really want you girls to think about the importance of safety and to stay away from people, or places where you might be harmed. Stay in groups, and don’t be out alone at night. This is the same advice you would give your wife or your teenage daughter or sister, right? Often, as men…you go out and you’re not afraid. But, when you have womens clothing on, you now enter into a womans world of sex crimes or hate crimes.

If you have comments, I will post them.

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Hello Tri Ess Girls

It is wonderful to hear from all of you, and thank you for a wonderful time. Tootsye thank you for helping me navigate my way through those mile-long hallways. My toes stilll have blisters on them. I know all of you had a wonderful time at the Sat night dinner….and I heard many of you were out in Las Vegas until 4:00 am! There must have been some tired girls on Sunday when it was time to return home.

 But, seriously, it was great to speak at my frist Tri-Ess. I want to thank Datti and Renee and both their SO’s for such a great convention this year. Okay, ladies…I have given you a LOT of new information, so practice and as I said…if you’re going to do it, do it right! 

Happy Turkey Day…..From Santa Cruz, Denae

Tri Ess Convention in Las Vegas Was A Blast

I’m Back! I spoke at  theTri Ess National Convention in Las Vegas. It was my first Tri Ess. For any CD’s out there who are in the closet or if you have a SO that does not understand, this is a must organization for you. Your SO’s need understanding and support, and this is a great place for them. They will have other genetic female spouses to talk with, and share any fears about your dressing. The conventions are fun, and educational for the tg.  Not having doctors wanting everyone to spend $50,000 on facial surgery was so re-freshing. Goggle for  the Tri Ess chapter close to you, and get the help and support you need. And, attend their next large convention…they select a fun city each year. So, put it on your calender so you have the time reserved.

Wow, there were some great outfits at the Sat dinner. As photos come in, I will be posting them.


Non Pierced Hoop Earring

I had a CD client today, tell me about a wonderful  earring web site for women which offers all types of great earrings. And, for the CD who does not have pierced ears…. they also have all shapes of earrings that looks pierced.

 Prices are high to low, both gold and silver. Holiday to casual. They also have clip on.

Check out if you are interested in the hoop that looks pierced! Thanks Jane


Reply to Jasine RegardingWigs I Prefer

Hello Jasmine.

Thank you for your question, asking what type of wig I suggest you wear….and you liked the wig I put on at Cal Dreamin. Please ONLY go to a wig salon, (not wig store) and do not purchase a wig off the internet…as no one wants to cut or color a wig they did not sell. When ordered off the internet, you’re stuck with what arrives, and you then have no one to help you trim and thin out the top. Therefore, it is worth the extra money you will have to pay on the front end, to go into a wig salon and have them make a wig for you, and have them custom color and cut the wig.

The wig I purchased was from Hanson Fontana in SF. Please tell them, it is the wig Denae wore as I have named this wig the “Meg Ryan” wig as I had them put in custom dark roots which looks really hot. Then, I had them pull through some highlights of gold and ash. You can google them, or I have them listed on TG Resources on the FemImage web site. Again, tell them you Denae sent you, this will que them you are TG and let them know to have some of the wigs ready for you….that  I have chosen for my private clients.

If you have any questions about color, please email me a femme facial photo in your current wig so I can see you skin color, and I will email you back suggestions on which base color to order and what highlight colors to order. They are excellent helping you with a cut….(I prefer for TG’s a straight style, that is tapered in at the cheek, the jaw and the neck,  on the sides like Jennifer Aniston as it covers a larger jaw line and or neck). Again, tell them the type of cut Denae puts on her TG women with the Meg Ryan natural human hair wig with dark roots. Jasmine, I hope this answers your questions and you will be pleased you purchased a “high quality” wig as it is the one accessory you will wear EVERY time you go out dressed. Also, if you have some thin hair, you can order a partial and pull your hair through. I have one and love it, it gives you “big hair”. Smiles………….


Tri Ess in Las Vegas Nov 15th to 18th 2007

I have begun getting ready for my first Tri Ess speaking engagement. The national meeting is this weekend in Las Vegas and lots of girls are arriving from many different states. And, their spouses are welcome. I am gearing my seminar more towards dressing tips, as I have learned so many tricks of the trade in the past 8 years. If you are attending, please do come up and introduce yourself to me. All the Tri Ess information is on my front page at 

 I will give you a glowing report of how it went, and hopefully return with some photos. Oh yes, I am looking for photos for my “Photos and Events” page on femimage and if I have worked with you, I would love to post your photo. Of course, you have to be okay with your face being shown to about 20,000 per week as I do not want to “out” anyone. I am also looking for students to film in my upcoming makeup dvd, if interested please contact me.

Las Vegas, Here We Come !


The Friday Night RGA Meeting & Questions The Girls Had

Friday night I spoke at RGA in San Jose CA. Many girls were asking about certain beauty products that would be best for their skin. And, they asked me to explain the difference in real human hair wigs V synthetic wigs.

 For skincare..and for the beginner, I really like Loreal cleaner, toner and mositurizer for basic skincare. For great foundation coverage, I like Color Stay by Revlon…as it is “thicker” for beard coverage. If you prefer to purchase your products from a retail store, then I suggest Lancome. They have great sales-persons who have been trained. There is always a light/liquid foundation for oily skin/sensitive, a cream foundation for dry skin or for “heavier tg coverage”. I will discuss how to select the right color of foundation in my next blog.

On wigs, I prefer human hair wigs…as they don’t have the shinny look of rayon that synthetic wigs have. Also, purchase your wig from a wig salon not a wig store…as a salon must be certified –to cut and color wigs. Every wig, 100% if the time…has to be thinned out on the top crown, and needs to have some of the heavy hair thinned out. Wigs come with extra hair, so you can then cut and style it, to your face shape. And, you must cut in some layers. Look for a wig salon in your area, and call for a private consultation on style/color and cost. They will cost more, but they offer custom colors and cuts. For the new TG woman, you must save your money, and put your savings into a good quality wig. If you are TS and you’re trying to wear your own hair, and it is to thin, go to a wig salon and have a “partial” made, as they leave “holes” in the cap so you can pull any of your own hair through the holes…and blend your own hair at the bottom and sides into the partials longer sides and bottom back. I seldom see TS women who can wear their own hair…without some partial. One TS at RGA had recently had hair transplants, to create a feminine hair line. It looked really great. There are very few full time TS women, that take the time to find the right hair solution for their thinner hair. This is the # 1 mistake I see. If you have your own full hair, you are very lucky so style it in a great look that is much like other womens style, where you work.

Find a great hair stylist in your town, that will teach you how to style your hair/wig. Schedule in an extra 30 mins with her, and tell her you are paying for the extra time….for her to teach you how to do your own styling. This is a simple easy way to learn, but you must pay someone if you want them to take time out of their scheule.  If there is a great wig salon in one of the larger cities near you, it is worth saving up for. It is the one accessory you will wear everytime you walk out the door!!

I would love to hear from some of you, if you would like to write, I will post your comments.