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Opps, I Did It Again.

Hello Ladies, Opps I did it again! I have a typo in one of my last posts to you telling you about the hottest new web site on the internet by Gina Lance… the previous owner and editor of GirlTalk Magazine.

Check her new site out,  TGLife …as I believe it is the best, new TG site on the internet. This month, she has posted her interview with me.  Quarterly, you can read my new articles, listed under Femininity.

Many of you emailed me, and told me…I typed in the wrong spelling for the URL for this new web site, so here it is again with the correct spelling, check it out!!

Sally Hanson Spray On

Hi Everyone:

One problem many tg women have…is the tan line on their chest… which comes from wearing an open collar shirt while in guy mode, which leaves a white area on the chest, and on the lower part of the arm from wearing a short sleeve shirt. And, this can be a give away! And, your not wearing a sun-screen!

 Here is a great, new tip.. for a spray on foundation–and it comes off with one single bath or shower…so no stain or dyes.

Purchase a can on the new “Leg spray by Sally Hanson “. Try to match up the color that is close to your skin that has tanned…you want to cover the white area..with this spray on color. After putting on your makeup, simply spray on your chest….and blend it out into your own tan. Do the same, if you wish…to your arms. This is very important for the chest area, if you’re wearing a V neck blouse, or a short sleeve blouse. It is meant for your legs– to spray on some color–if you don’t want to wear hose. But, again….it washes off completely the first shower. So, it is not a dye…but like a “spray on foundation for your BODY”.

You will love how it covers freckles on your chest, or arms..any scar, or un-even tan line. Watch for a sale at Walgreens, they run about $12.00 for a bottle. And, for the summer months, if you don’t want to wear hose with your open toe shoes, you can have a great look by putting some oil on your legs and spray this product on your legs…blend it out all over your leg and foot, wash your hands, and presto you have a beautiful tanned legs.  I have also sprayed this on my chest, arms…and even my back…if I am wearing an evening gown that has a low back.

However, for the CD….the front chest — is the most important area to spray on and even out– if you have a tan line from wearing an open front, short sleeve work shirt. try spraying a little on each “white” area and presto you have  I simply use soap and water, and it comes off in the shower.

I thought this was a great tip, for those who have a  “guys shirt tan” and this will become as important as your foundation….a must for your makeup bag. It will help out, if you’re wearing a cocktail dress during any upcoming holiday parties, or for your long gowns for New Years Eve.

So, go find a fabulous cocktail dress or gown…and look fabulous and tan!

Smiles and hugs.

Denae replaces GirlTalk Magazine

Hello from Denae.

For many, you remember and enjoyed the beautiful, color pages of GirlTalk Magazine.  Gina Lance, was the editor. I had written several articles in Girl Talk, and I have been one of her contributing writers for her web site,

This is a great web site, very informative. I suggest you take a look, especially if you enjoyed Gina Lance’s Girl Talk Magazine. She has interesting articles, and describes all the latest TG people, places, and things. She is posting a new interview with me, that I was suppose to turn in 3 weeks ago!  And, I promised her I would turn it in, this weekend (it is difficult for me to write about myself). 

Regardless, do check out her web site. I give it my stamp of approval, for informative, yet fun information and photos.

Have a great week-end and remember to be ladylike out there! You don’t want to be the “guy in a dress”.




Such Great Posts From All Of You

Hello Ladies,

I have had several Posts from you. And, one from a genetic female who states she wants to begin looking feminine again, and several posts from the girls who heard my class at Tri Ess in Las Vegas Nov 2007. Take a minute to read them, and do keep emailing me! I love to hear your comments, and we can get a discussion going.

I will throw this one out there. How about the amount of TG’s who are going to fast, to transition and have not worked hard or long enough on their look…to be convincing?  Is working with a gender therapist for 12 months, really enough to prepare a TS woman…to live as a woman? I receive emails from post op TS women, who want help….as they have not been successful…. living as a full time TS/TG woman and they have not been accepted “as being or looking” like a woman. In other words, she is not blending. What is it? Is she to tall? To large of hands/face/nose/neck? Does she use a male voice? Is her wardrobe not put together, to blend in with other women in her area?


What is causing the large amount of post op women, to not be happy, accepted, working, and loved? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  But–for now, slow down and work hard on the areas you do have control over. Score yourself, with the scale I recenly posted. And, be honest with each other,  don’t tell a TG sister…she looks good…..if she really doesn’t look good. She will get the message, when enough people don’t give her false compliments. The truth is better when it comes from a sister…. than from the real world ….who is not playing this game…called….the real life test.