Such Great Posts From All Of You

Hello Ladies,

I have had several Posts from you. And, one from a genetic female who states she wants to begin looking feminine again, and several posts from the girls who heard my class at Tri Ess in Las Vegas Nov 2007. Take a minute to read them, and do keep emailing me! I love to hear your comments, and we can get a discussion going.

I will throw this one out there. How about the amount of TG’s who are going to fast, to transition and have not worked hard or long enough on their look…to be convincing?  Is working with a gender therapist for 12 months, really enough to prepare a TS woman…to live as a woman? I receive emails from post op TS women, who want help….as they have not been successful…. living as a full time TS/TG woman and they have not been accepted “as being or looking” like a woman. In other words, she is not blending. What is it? Is she to tall? To large of hands/face/nose/neck? Does she use a male voice? Is her wardrobe not put together, to blend in with other women in her area?


What is causing the large amount of post op women, to not be happy, accepted, working, and loved? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  But–for now, slow down and work hard on the areas you do have control over. Score yourself, with the scale I recenly posted. And, be honest with each other,  don’t tell a TG sister…she looks good…..if she really doesn’t look good. She will get the message, when enough people don’t give her false compliments. The truth is better when it comes from a sister…. than from the real world ….who is not playing this game…called….the real life test.


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