www.TGLife.com replaces GirlTalk Magazine

Hello from Denae.

For many, you remember and enjoyed the beautiful, color pages of GirlTalk Magazine.  Gina Lance, was the editor. I had written several articles in Girl Talk, and I have been one of her contributing writers for her web site, TFLife.com

This is a great web site, very informative. I suggest you take a look, especially if you enjoyed Gina Lance’s Girl Talk Magazine. She has interesting articles, and describes all the latest TG people, places, and things. She is posting a new interview with me, that I was suppose to turn in 3 weeks ago!  And, I promised her I would turn it in, this weekend (it is difficult for me to write about myself). 

Regardless, do check out her web site. I give it my stamp of approval, for informative, yet fun information and photos.

Have a great week-end and remember to be ladylike out there! You don’t want to be the “guy in a dress”.




5 thoughts on “www.TGLife.com replaces GirlTalk Magazine

  1. Hi Denae,

    I met you a few years ago at Cal Dreamin; I’m also a friend of Carla’s.

    I have shown many T’s your CD’s and a few have bought them from you. I think you as well as Carla have done a great job for all the TG’s out there. I do want to put a link on my web site too. Hope to see you soon and bring a friend of mine to you, she can use some help.

    Ciao for now, Gina

  2. I love this site, thank you for all the support and kindness. It can be so very frustrating , transitioning from male to full female. we TG girls need all the help and support.
    all my love crissy

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