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Running In Heels For Exercise!

Hello Everyone;

I have asked all of you, to email me any tips you have.

I just received this tip, from one of my clients. Now, I can’t say this is safe, or healthy…but for a young TG..this may help. So, herewith her notes to me!

PS. She is in great shape!

Dear Denae:

I have a little story that I want to share.  For many years, I have had a difficult time starting an exercise program, even though I know how important it is.  I start, and within a few days I find an excuse to quit.  Several months ago, I hit on an idea that has really worked for me.  I decided to start running in heels (on a treadmill).  I know that it sounds crazy, but it has been wonderful!  I look forward to it each morning, and it makes walking in heels seem like a breeze.  I’m literally more comfortable in heels than I am in flats.  Depending upon the time I have available I run between a mile and two and a half miles…in four inch heels…and I can now do it at the same speed that I usually run if I’m in running shoes (about a 9 minute mile).
You may want to have some of your clients try it.  They’d have to start out walking, and gradually work up to jogging, then running.  But I’m sure that it would help many trans people feel really at home walking in heels (because for me, I feel more at home running in heels than in running shoes).  A good pair of comfortable (non-stiletto) heels is the key–that have good strap support.


Okay, ladies…now you have heard it all, right?



The Secret History Of Why Women Wear A Bra Or Corset


 Hello to all of you wonderful ladies, who are always checking the blog for more updates and articles. I will work on updating my blog weekly with really great things…that I feel you will really learn from and enjoy!

 Now, thank you Patrice for sending me this great U-Tube video on the History of the Bra and Corset This is a MUST!! YOu will love it, as it is very informative, and fun…so take a few mins to understand why the bra was invented and how it has changed over the years. 

If you have any interesting beauty articles, do email them to me so I may share them with others–your email address will not show and I can include your first name or not.

Okay, click below and learn about bra’s!

YouTube – Secret History of the Bra

Instant Face Lift Appliance To Wear Under Your Wig

Hello To All My Ladies;

Finally, I have found a wonderful appliance, to pull back the extra skin on your face and neck–without having to “tape” the skin on onto a wig cap. This appliance can be worn under your wig, directly on top of your guy hair.  There are many on the market, and I only suggest “The Instant Face Lift and Neck Lift ” by    Art Harding.  It is a simple face lift appliance, you wear under your wig. and on top of your guy hair.  I recently saw a previous client who was wearing one at the Tri Ess meeting, where I was speaking in Las Vegas–and I honestly thought she had done facial surgery!

With this, you will want to purchase their tape which connects from the applicance to the sides of your face. They have a light shade appliance, if your guy hair is light, and dark shade appliance if your guy hair is dark. 

 Also, for stronger tape to use to pull heavier saggy neck skin…and tape it behind your neck– also get from a pharmacy, a llarger tape called “Nexcare” by 3m – Flexible Clear (they have several different types).  It’s available in all the pharmacies.  For best results…just use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean off the spot your going to apply the tape…and  the alcohol holds the appliance tape on your face…. until you take it off. The thicker neck tape can be pulled back, behind your is clear and if a small amount of the clear tape… shows on the back of your neck–your wig (hair) should cover it and…it will not be noticable.  You must take it off slowly so as to not pull off any of your skin, but it will come off fairly easily-just go slow. So, finally there is one good thing, about wearing a wig!

Your wig will cover this thin, string-wire like you apply the tape onto your face. Don’t forget to dab alcohol on the skin where the tape will go, so the tape will not lift! Let me know how you like this product. The Art Harding appliance is about $25.00 and you can Goggle it. Don’t get confused, just get this appliance, and their tape. Then, the larger Nexcare by 3M Clear tape to pull your neck back…and tape it behind your neck and cover with your wig.

 Excellent for any TG woman, who wear a wig, and who wants to look 10 years younger! Do, practice, before you go out. You will get the hang on it, as it may seem silly at first. But, it works!



New Beauty Tips For The New Year

Happy 2008 Everyone!

I found a new web site, that test the best selling makeup products and gives you top rated liners and  colors for eyes and lips, plus a few specialty troubleshooters. These winners have a silky-smooth texture and last for hours, so you’ll look your best. The winners are listed for the best of  eyeliner pencils, lip pencils, concealers, etc.  You will want to go to the web site and click on beauty.

They have tested the makeup, for example the best invisibile lip liner which is colorless matte pencil used around the edges of lips, which help prevent lipstick from bleeding….. is WUWOP REVERSE lipline for $19.00 

The best highlighter is by Benefit and is called Mr. Frosty–can be applied to the inner corners of eyes, this pearly white pencil, last for 8 hours and is easy to blend and can be also used under the brow bones and on the tops of your cheekbones. Shiseido has the best makeup eraser pencil for $16.00–so when mascara smudges and shadow slipups this product worked with just a few strokes.

Clinique Quickliner for Lips, was chosen for a very natural look and it “self sharpens”. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil for $23.00 gives a softness, that is easy to apply and blended welll with gloss and minimized the fine lines on ones’s lips.

 The best eye lines–was Mac Technakhohl Liner, $14.50…this eyeliner doesn’t budge or smear for a full day. It held firmly on eyes, users said, “it does come off easily with soap and water”. Best Color of Makeup for Eyes, Pearly Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil for 18.00. stays on all day and goes on like butter! Stays through a workout and it has a shimmery finish without over-the top spakle or shine. Many feel this product will replace their “powder” shawdows.

Again, to find the “winners” of this years tested makeup products…go to and click on BEAUTY. You can see how your favorite makeup scored before you purchase any replacements…this year!


Happy New Year, have fun creating a NEW look!