Running In Heels For Exercise!

Hello Everyone;

I have asked all of you, to email me any tips you have.

I just received this tip, from one of my clients. Now, I can’t say this is safe, or healthy…but for a young TG..this may help. So, herewith her notes to me!

PS. She is in great shape!

Dear Denae:

I have a little story that I want to share.  For many years, I have had a difficult time starting an exercise program, even though I know how important it is.  I start, and within a few days I find an excuse to quit.  Several months ago, I hit on an idea that has really worked for me.  I decided to start running in heels (on a treadmill).  I know that it sounds crazy, but it has been wonderful!  I look forward to it each morning, and it makes walking in heels seem like a breeze.  I’m literally more comfortable in heels than I am in flats.  Depending upon the time I have available I run between a mile and two and a half miles…in four inch heels…and I can now do it at the same speed that I usually run if I’m in running shoes (about a 9 minute mile).
You may want to have some of your clients try it.  They’d have to start out walking, and gradually work up to jogging, then running.  But I’m sure that it would help many trans people feel really at home walking in heels (because for me, I feel more at home running in heels than in running shoes).  A good pair of comfortable (non-stiletto) heels is the key–that have good strap support.


Okay, ladies…now you have heard it all, right?



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