Have Your Longer, Larger Blouses Made

Hello, this is Denae. For many TG women, finding long enough sleeves, pants, and skirts… to fit, is always a problem.

There is a wonderful web site, in Florida, which custom tailors your female outfits. Simply fill out their size chart, with your own tape measure…(about 15-20 measurements to assure a quality fit). You can then select your fabric, and color and outfit from their web site.  Wonderful quality, and fabulous prices. For example, a silk blouse, tailored made for YOU, for under $75.00. A great fit, is so important. And, no more shopping dread for Tall sizes or long sleeves.

Goggle Tailored Clothiers in Florida. See their on line slection and prices. Once you measure and order, it is very easy for your next order…and you’re given a discount. I am not sure, how they’re able to make these beautiful items, individually for you…at the same price you would pay at Macy’s, but they do. And, if this perfect fit, it not perfect, you can return it, for them to re-sew. Once, you (and they) have your perfect measurements, you simply order everything you want made, from their website selections. No obligation or requirement on orders. Just try it once!

 Any Tall girl… must try this fabulous tip!

Have fun!


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