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Feminine Photos ~ How To Pose In A Feminine Way


So many of you are readying my blog, the numbers are over the moon! Why don’t you post! Don’t be shy, I would love to answer your questions or hear your concerns.

Now, when I work with a one on one consultation–it never ceases to amaze me…how many can’t pose in different feminine angles/directions and levels, so I have known for three years, this is such an important class…for me to begin teaching.

 After saying, I would tape “How To Pose In Feminine Ways,” I am happy to announce….it is done! I have a new extra length DVD on: How To Create Feminine Poses, By Creating Different Levels And Directions PLUS a NEW Sensual Dance Moves, (not difficult dance steps..but moves). I have put these two together in one DVD…as I feel it is perfect for the new CD or the full time TS! There is nothing like this on the market, and many of my gg clients want this dvd!

So, if any of you ladies out there, who are serious about creating your own feminine photos, and who also want to break through the fear of moving…and begin moving your hips with a sensual sway to the music….I think this DVD set it for you! I truly feel, everything in these two sessions, will actually help you in your everyday movement. Of course, you tone it down, but just getting you ladies to not– just stand forward– is such a break through –to have a less linear stance and to begin creating those S Curves. Many of my clients, can’t learn basic movement…from just watching. But, put on some music and show them how to sway their hips and glide there arms and hands…and presto…I have just gotten past a fear of movement block many tg women have.

I think this is a fun, dvd…as it is LIVE at a TG conference…Cal DReamin in the San Francisco area, 2008. In closing, we put on some Queen Latifa singing California Dreamin and we danced! Plus, I introduce two, ultra sexy ways to walk, that many dancers use. So, do check this one out. You will learn:

How To Create Feminine Poses Using Level and Direction Changes, Props, and How To Create Several Smiles. Plus, Sensual Dance Moves, Hips, Legs, Breast. And, two ultra sexy ways of walking, used my dancers. So, I have really given you, some great new information, that until now…was only taught to genetic women in dance or modeling school. I think, you will love this one!

If you hate dancing in guy mode, you will love moving and swaying in femime.  I hear this all the time. So, it must be a new break through for anyone who has been afraid to open up and move, so now you can “shake it”. And, have some natural looking photos, that are not taken, standing straight on…in front of a hotel room door!

You will love this one, I’m over the moon with delight…I finally got this on tape for those who can’t travel to see me!



 And, I would love to hear back from you ladies, so post!! I feel like I am writing to myself here!

Dance On!


Wearing A Wig, In The Summer Heat.

Wearing a wig in the summer can be a difficult task. Not only is it hot, but perspiration can run down your face and ruin your makeup.”

TIP: Just before putting on your wig, take roll on clear antiperspirant (not deodorant) and run it along the ridge (just under the tip) of where the wig will touch your face. This helps…if you live in a hot/humid area–or if you are going out to a club and plan on dancing.

Drink lots of water,  and take short breaks…so you do not over-heat your head. Many young Rave kids, who wear hats…and danced until 4:00 am ….have overheated and passed out…since their hat over-heated their head. 

 Have fun, drink lots of water, and take breaks to go outside to cool down.

Dance On!