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What Size HandBag Is Best For The TG Woman~ With Larger Shoulders?

The wrong size purse,  for your body type…can be an instant give away for the TG woman. Just as you would consider the style and cut of your clothes, so should you think about the size and shape of your handbag. I find most of my TG clients are taller and many have wider shoulders. Here are my suggestions for the taller TG woman. 

Bags can be used to draw the eyes away from the bits of your body you want to hide, and focus attention on those parts which you consider to be your assets.

TG women with heavy shoulders should avoid carrying short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to accentuate your shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing around your middle, or a  larger size clutch purse which is carried in your hand. It is best for most TG women to not carry small clutch purses….. under the arm. Clutch purses are fine provided they are oversized.

Try to avoid carrying a tiny bag, as this only serve to make you look bigger. Choose a more tailored bag, which will give definition and go for a medium to large size. 

As a general rule, select a bag shape that is in contrast to your body type. Curvy women who wear med to large hip pads,  would do well to choose a rectangular, longer shape, whereas a tall, willowy, slim figure would be better off going for a slouchy, rounded one. Color is important, and many of the new handbags and shoes are in accent colors now…not just black. I am selecting brown now, as black can be very harsh. Select a black shoe, and add the color in your handbag. Price? If you’re full time, get a good quality leather bag which will blend with a good leather black or brown shoe. And, try the handbags on, in the store…and select the size which looks best of your body style!

TGLife, has a great new web site.

Hello to all you ladies. I have mentioned TGLIfe, often. I am a quest writer for them. Briana Austin, has some great articles also. Take a look, at this informative site, great for CD’s or TS girls. Interactive, informative, and fun!                             Denae  

Live Science, Photo of Feminine Walking ! Walk This Way!

Hello All, I am amazed at all of your emails, regarding the link below…showing (with lights attached to females, gender neutral, and male bodies) the different areas that move, when walking. Please allow some time for the link to load, and simply hit play. This is very new and has nt been seen on the web, until now. I truly believe, you can learn…what I have been teaching…about walking. The different body tilt, is amazing. The shoulder and head movement for a feminine woman, is much more than most of you currently use. So, take a look! Realize, there will be a short advertisement first, then, WALK THIS WAY will appear in the video box.

Live Science, Shows The Difference In A Feminine Walk, To A Masculine Walk has done some great research, to track the difference in a feminine walk to a masculine walk. This is very interesting! It makes it very simple for the TG woman to understand…how to improve her walk. Study, how a woman does swing her shoulders–with her hips. Most men do not swing their shoulders. However, in teaching a TG woman (who does have larger shoulders)..I suggest not swinging the shoulders, to not bring attention to them. So, establish which areas you can use from the video and which would bring un-wanted attention. Take a look, and find your walk! And, study my DVD Vol 1 at front page.

Researchers attached lights to people walking. The first one is a very feminine walk. The second one is gender-neutral. The third is a very masculine walk. Credit: Anna Brooks et al. 

Ladies, Send Any Good Links?

Hello, I want to extend an invitation, for you ladies to send any great, quality TG links… you feel are offering helpful services…or articles, for the community. I am updating my links page, and will begin posing one new web page, per month on my front page, as my featured web site. And, adding all new links, to my links page.

I would love to read your suggestions and comments! Please suggest any link that helps with tg problem clothing issues, any great wig salons that sale quality wigs for the serious tg woman in your area, or any articles on transition, family, spouse, anything you feel helpful

 This is a great place, for you ladies, to help others. Send, any good information,  and I will post them!


Newest Fall/Winter Shoes 08

Aerosoles Winter Shoes 08.gifI love shoes, and have found winter, is the most difficult time to find great looking shoes, that feel comfortable enough to wear all day. Summer, always has wonderful sandals with lots of fun details. But, winter shoes can be so drab! Plus, finding a fashionable shoe that is Wide…so our shoes/boots with narrow toes…do not hurt can be difficult to find.

I just ordered a few items from the new catalog of Aerosoles Shoes. I really love their new boots, they come in a flat heel, or a med heel. And, some fabulous half -boots. I love to wear these boots with jeans and a long duster coat or sweater. I add lots of winter pull down caps, with a matching scarf. You can find darling caps and scarf (and gloves) in all colors for winter, at Target or K-mart. Put your money, into your better quality shoes! Herewith some of new boots, if fasionable and comfort is important to you.