Newest Fall/Winter Shoes 08

Aerosoles Winter Shoes 08.gifI love shoes, and have found winter, is the most difficult time to find great looking shoes, that feel comfortable enough to wear all day. Summer, always has wonderful sandals with lots of fun details. But, winter shoes can be so drab! Plus, finding a fashionable shoe that is Wide…so our shoes/boots with narrow toes…do not hurt can be difficult to find.

I just ordered a few items from the new catalog of Aerosoles Shoes. I really love their new boots, they come in a flat heel, or a med heel. And, some fabulous half -boots. I love to wear these boots with jeans and a long duster coat or sweater. I add lots of winter pull down caps, with a matching scarf. You can find darling caps and scarf (and gloves) in all colors for winter, at Target or K-mart. Put your money, into your better quality shoes! Herewith some of new boots, if fasionable and comfort is important to you.


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