Live Science, Shows The Difference In A Feminine Walk, To A Masculine Walk has done some great research, to track the difference in a feminine walk to a masculine walk. This is very interesting! It makes it very simple for the TG woman to understand…how to improve her walk. Study, how a woman does swing her shoulders–with her hips. Most men do not swing their shoulders. However, in teaching a TG woman (who does have larger shoulders)..I suggest not swinging the shoulders, to not bring attention to them. So, establish which areas you can use from the video and which would bring un-wanted attention. Take a look, and find your walk! And, study my DVD Vol 1 at front page.

Researchers attached lights to people walking. The first one is a very feminine walk. The second one is gender-neutral. The third is a very masculine walk. Credit: Anna Brooks et al. 

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