What Size HandBag Is Best For The TG Woman~ With Larger Shoulders?

The wrong size purse,  for your body type…can be an instant give away for the TG woman. Just as you would consider the style and cut of your clothes, so should you think about the size and shape of your handbag. I find most of my TG clients are taller and many have wider shoulders. Here are my suggestions for the taller TG woman. 

Bags can be used to draw the eyes away from the bits of your body you want to hide, and focus attention on those parts which you consider to be your assets.

TG women with heavy shoulders should avoid carrying short-handled bags that finish around the bust area, as this only serves to accentuate your shoulders more. Go for a longer length finishing around your middle, or a  larger size clutch purse which is carried in your hand. It is best for most TG women to not carry small clutch purses….. under the arm. Clutch purses are fine provided they are oversized.

Try to avoid carrying a tiny bag, as this only serve to make you look bigger. Choose a more tailored bag, which will give definition and go for a medium to large size. 

As a general rule, select a bag shape that is in contrast to your body type. Curvy women who wear med to large hip pads,  would do well to choose a rectangular, longer shape, whereas a tall, willowy, slim figure would be better off going for a slouchy, rounded one. Color is important, and many of the new handbags and shoes are in accent colors now…not just black. I am selecting brown now, as black can be very harsh. Select a black shoe, and add the color in your handbag. Price? If you’re full time, get a good quality leather bag which will blend with a good leather black or brown shoe. And, try the handbags on, in the store…and select the size which looks best of your body style!

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