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San Francisco Events for Oct by TGSF

Wendy Allen from TGSF, sends me her monthly newsletter. There are many events in the “Bay Area” to attend. Herewith a few, as I know many of my local girls…love the holiday events. Thanks to TGSF! Denae
TGSF End-of-Month Social:  Thursday, October 30th, 7 PM – 9 PM
Cathedral Hill Hotel, 1101 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109
As usual, we will be meeting in the lovely Jack Tar Restaurant for an
evening of friendship, support, dining, and socializing.  Come join us.


SAVE THE DATE:  Cotillion 2009 — February 7, 2009
South San Francisco Conference Center

This year’s theme is “Gay Paree – City of Lights.”
Doors open at 6:00; show starts at 7:00
Ticket Prices – $65, $43, $35

Interested in running for Ms. TGSF or Mr. TGSF?  Watch for details soon
on our web site.


Carla’s and California Dreaming will be co-sponsoring a Halloween party
on Saturday, November 1st, 7 PM to midnight, at Carla’s wonderful
transgender boutique in San Jose.  It’s the place to be for a T-Ghoul on
Halloween weekend! Games, dancing and prizes for the sexiest, scariest,
funniest, most outrageous and best costumes.  Admission is $25, which
includes dinner and one drink.  Please RSVP to Carla at (408) 298-6900


PRE-HOLIDAY CORSET SOIREE — Ann Grogan, a dear friend and supporter of
our community, will be having her annual Corset Soiree on Saturday, Nov.
22nd, at 7:30 PM, in the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel in San
Francisco.  Reserve by Oct. 31 to get the special price of $20, which
includes admission, hors d’oeuvres, door prizes, and dancing to a great
combo.  Partners not necessary nor are corsets, although it’s fun to
dress up and garner lots of appreciative attention. Come meet the most
scintillating corset enthusiasts around and make new friends!

Halloween Costumes–Which Come In Larger Sizes

Hi Jenny,  thank you for your email. I have researched Halloween costumes for you.

 Yes there are some Halloween costumes in sizes… larger than 12-14. For those CD’s who still like to go out to Halloween parties,  herewith a web site with costumes with extra room on top…. and most cost  under $55.00! They  have some very, feminine looks! Why waste time shopping for a costume too tight to move in? Find something flattering, comfortable and every bit as exotic.

Trick or Treat! Denae


Spray On Blush

I recently tried a new product on the market, a “spray on blush”. It contains mositurizer which helps to blend…using a sponge. You can try this, or perhaps, use a cream blush. I have found, for skin over 40…always put a small amount of  lotion, on a sponge and then apply your liquid foundation. For the TG woman, both the mositure and the sponge, helps in covering large pores, and works well gliding over any facial hair….and it helps give better coverage… espacially if used with a “thicker” foundation. (which is used for women with “dry” skin).  

Since, cool weather is here, most of our sun tans will begin to fade out, so you may want to “lighten” your foundation over the next cooler months. Be sure and cover your chest, to prevent the tan-line caused by the open collar shirt worn  in guy mode. Again, this lighter shade of foundation should blend  from your face on your chest area…. to blend into one color. I love Lancombe foundation, and any retail store is excellent with helping you find the correct shade. Oct is the best month, for going into retail stores and asking for help…if you are a beginner.

 Any Halloween parties? Send photos! Thank you for all your individual emails. I do answer most of them, and do not post them on this blog! Have a great weekend, Denae

What Style Winter Blouse For You?

Finding the best style feminine blouse, for the tg woman (who has a tummy) can be difficult to locate. And, wearing a waist cincher can be un-comfortable. Try the new longer tunics, in a Womens Style. (The Womens Style are larger in the waist and arms, thus giving your a curvy look in hip pads). I find, the longer tunics are just perfect for most tg women, simply add a pair of slim fitting jeans (many of you can wear the Misses size in jeans since you have smaller hips) with the longer Womens size tunic top…and you’re good to go. If you have a small waist (36, 38) try belting your tunic top. Or, wear dark leggings with the long tunic top, and a pair of boots!  
(Don’t  be afraid to go into the Womens Dept for your tops. The Womens 14, for example, is about 1 inch wider in the shoulders, arms and waist than the smaller Misses size– and will fit you much better than the standard Misses 14–while still giving you a thin look. So, try on some Womens tops, but do find one that is tapered in, so you don’t look boxy. The Tunic top will end at the top or middle– of your thigh. Tunic Sweaters for winter are also wonderful, to hide the tummy area.  Look For  Blouses in Womens Siloutetts–they offer many great styles!   Denae


Straight Leg Pants Or Boot Cut?



I have several emails asking about the new straight leg pants and if they work well… for the tg frame. I like these new pants, expecially with boots, and I have put them on several of my clients with long sweaters, tunic tops, with both medium length jackets and longer jackets..and  my clients look fabulous in them. All of you have great legs, so these new tight/straight length pants will show off those fabulous legs! If you’re over 6 feet and if you have large shoulders…the boot cut pants would help even out your figure.  However, everyone should try them on and see hw you look in them, try them with boots and long jackets/sweaters and pull in at your waist with a very fitted belt. Instant hips! Also, the straight leg looks great in… jeans!

 The best news…is the new arm length… in many of this years jackets. They are three quarter length arms and for many of you taller ladies, this is a great problem solver.