Straight Leg Pants Or Boot Cut?



I have several emails asking about the new straight leg pants and if they work well… for the tg frame. I like these new pants, expecially with boots, and I have put them on several of my clients with long sweaters, tunic tops, with both medium length jackets and longer jackets..and  my clients look fabulous in them. All of you have great legs, so these new tight/straight length pants will show off those fabulous legs! If you’re over 6 feet and if you have large shoulders…the boot cut pants would help even out your figure.  However, everyone should try them on and see hw you look in them, try them with boots and long jackets/sweaters and pull in at your waist with a very fitted belt. Instant hips! Also, the straight leg looks great in… jeans!

 The best news…is the new arm length… in many of this years jackets. They are three quarter length arms and for many of you taller ladies, this is a great problem solver.

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