What Style Winter Blouse For You?

Finding the best style feminine blouse, for the tg woman (who has a tummy) can be difficult to locate. And, wearing a waist cincher can be un-comfortable. Try the new longer tunics, in a Womens Style. (The Womens Style are larger in the waist and arms, thus giving your a curvy look in hip pads). I find, the longer tunics are just perfect for most tg women, simply add a pair of slim fitting jeans (many of you can wear the Misses size in jeans since you have smaller hips) with the longer Womens size tunic top…and you’re good to go. If you have a small waist (36, 38) try belting your tunic top. Or, wear dark leggings with the long tunic top, and a pair of boots!  
(Don’t  be afraid to go into the Womens Dept for your tops. The Womens 14, for example, is about 1 inch wider in the shoulders, arms and waist than the smaller Misses size– and will fit you much better than the standard Misses 14–while still giving you a thin look. So, try on some Womens tops, but do find one that is tapered in, so you don’t look boxy. The Tunic top will end at the top or middle– of your thigh. Tunic Sweaters for winter are also wonderful, to hide the tummy area.  Look For  Blouses in Womens Siloutetts–they offer many great styles!   Denae


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