PALS ~ Breast Forms ~ Under $50.00 to $70.00 ~ We Can Use Foundation To Create Our Skin Tone

Thanks to Jane….for this tip…about Pals Breast Forms. Pals states on their web site, you can apply your own foundation (or Sally Hanson Leg Spray) directly to your Pals Forms to create a closer match to your own skin shade. This should not be done, with the more expensive, silicone breast forms.

I love PALS, and have written about them many times. There is NO longer a need, to spend $250.00 to $350.00 for the original  heavy silicon breast forms. Pals, give the same appearance, as the orginal silcone breast forms…..except Pals are very inexpenive, (under $75.00 or less) are much lighter and will not tear or bleed. At this price, purchase several of their new shapes (from round to tear shape), and perhaps get two different sizes. for different fitting outfits. Pals are sold on many web sites…so do your own internet shopping and research who has the best price, or no sales tax.I am told you can find the best price on E-Bay, and many other sites.

Again, thank you Jane for this great tip ~  we can now custom color our Pals breast forms to match our skin tone!

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