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Finding Longer Pants or Jeans Which Are A Perfect Fit For The TG Woman

Hello Ladies, I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.

I am often asked, how the TG woman…can find pants/jeans which fit around the stomach and are longer in the legs. Finding your size in a retail store, can be frustrating. It’s easier than ever to find that perfect-fitting pair of jeans. Fashion insiders have long used which surfs the Web for e-tailers that offer pants, jeans and leggings with your exact inseam measurements. The site will also sort your favorite brands of jeans based on the rise you want (low, mid, or high), ensuring fewer returns and costly trips to the tailor.

It is very important to measure youself, expecially in the waist. To measure your waist, bend to the side. This is the waist area I want you to measure for your pants and jeans. Wearing your jeans under your waist, if you have a large stomach, will only work if you wear a long, tunic blouse. If you have a large waistline (stomach) I suggest you purchase jeans and slacks that have a “partial”  stretch waistband…in the back, only. You can always cover the waistband with longer jackets, sweater, and blouses. The elastic waist band will give you a much better fit than trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans, that fits below your stomach. 

Janurary is the month, leather stores such as Wilsons Leather, will put their leather jackets, purses, computer bags, and winter boots on sale. This is a great month, to locate those expensive leather items…look for your winter coat, purse, winter boots, shoes…many stores will offer their leather items as much as 60 % off!


Your Eyes Are The Focal Point Of Your Face

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and the hardest feature to make up. Not sure what color to use with your eye color? A new product called Transforming Eye Ppalette ($30) has a new collection of only eye related items, including a product I love–the Transforming Eye Palette, which is available for girls with blue, green, hazel and brown eyes! No more quess work! You will love this!


Hair-Do Clip In Extentions

For those you have their own hair, but find it is to thin and you need some “thickness” instead of length…you can do what many of the stars have discovered (such as Simpson sisters). At macy’ stylist Ken Paves is now offering his Hairdo Clip-in Extensions from $90.00 up, at Macy’  The extensions add volume and curls–rather than length–to your hair. This is a speedy solution to thin hair, and it doesn’t reqire stylers or a hair dryer. I love this!


How To Apply WET Eye Shadow….For Liquid Eye Liner


  Connie…thank you for your email asking….”how to obtain the difficult but fabulous… liquid eyeliner technique”.

Connie, don’t feel alone.. most women will agrree…. liquid is the most difficult to use. However, many love the look…liquid liner gives. I have found, the best solution around using liquid. First, find a WET eye shadow, I use Lancomb. (It can be used Dry, for a powder eye shadow.) Next find a very tight brush head…or use a Q-Tip that has a pointed head…not to be confused with the standard oval Q Tip. You can find the pointed Q Tips in the cosmetic department. The applicator does need to be short and very tight for this to work…think of how short and hard the tip of your eyeliner pencil is. Wet the brush or pointed Q tip and mix in with the wet shawdow ( practice first on your hand…basically find the thickness you want for your line). Instead of “drawing a line” ….”walk the brush, dab by dab… down and across your eyelid”…as close to your eyelashes as possible. When you’re finished with the first eye, create the same thickness on the next eye. You can then, create a light tail, if you desire the cat eye look which is obtained only with liquid liner.  Don’t brush it on. By using the wet shadow with the correct applicator …. simply press or walk the shadow across in 3 or 4 straight dabs and when dry… will look like a liquid line, and will stay on much longer than a standard pencil. Wet powder gives a much more defined line, than a pencil–without the mess of liquid. It is easier to remove than liquid liner.

When you’re finished with both eyes, use the left over wet shadow…and apply to your eyebrows to fill in any sparse brow area and also use to draw the perfect arch. Select a color, which matches your eyebrows and eyelashes…which will help your eye shadow colors …bring out your eyes.


If you go to you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print and send it to a soldier currently serving in Iraq . You can’t pick who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.  How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one. It’s FREE and only takes a second.

Whether you are for or against the war, soldiers over there need to know we are behind them.  This takes just seconds and it’s a wonderful way to say thanks. Please take the time to pass it on to your friends so that they can greetings, too.

We can never say thanks enough.
Thanks for taking to time to support our military.