I Hate Going To The Dentist

I am the first to admit, I hate going to the dentist. The only way, I can insure to return for my next 6 month checkup….is by making the appointment, while I’m there. I have written about this before, but it is important. When you’re wearing makeup…your teeth will appear more yellow…up to red/orange/yellow lipsticks. Having your lips outlined,also brings more attention to your mouth and teeth. Being a woman is hard work. So, ladies…just grin and bare this beauty ritual–of making a cleaning apointment and going to your dentist. 

 Have your teeth cleaned and if possible, have your dentist whiten your teeth. Years if coffee, tea, colas, will disappear. If that’s not in your budget, get the products at your local drug store. It may seem expensive to have ex-rays and pay for a cleaning, but I have seen many people, not go to the dentist regularly…to end up in horrific pain, and expensive surgery that can run in the thousands. Much like maintance on your car engine, your 6 month dental appointments will save you thousands of dollars and needless surgical pain.

Also, tooth decay and gum disease can increase the amount of oral bacteria that enters your bloodstream, leaving you vunerable to infective endocarditis, an infection of the heart valve –that may increase your risk for a stroke. Can you tell, I have a dentist in the family? Yep, Dr. Doyle my brother who drives me crazy; he never stops asking me how many times I have flossed. Ug, I hate it but we have to do it! Think of it, as part of your beauty routine. Also, put your floss beside your television chair, or at your desk. If you place the floss, where you normally sit for long periods of time–you will create a much higher chance –of creating a routine of flossing. 

Here’s to a beautiful smile!


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