Voice Consultations Over The Telephone

Hello Ladies,

So many of you, are calling and scheduling a phone consultation….to cover Voice. I have found this is the one subject I can coach…over the telephone.  So, do email me or even call and schedule this great consultation with me at (831) 479-1282 Pacific. Afternoons or evenings are best for me.   I charge a flat fee of $45.00 for one and a half hour phone consultation. If you can download Spectrogram, by Richard Horne, (it is a FREE trial download for 10 days and this is enough for you to initially test your voice scores…..so  do try to download it before our phone consultation and we can test your pitch and establish what your feminine pitch is and compare it to your male pitch. Also, make a list of sentences…which you use in your life…such as:May I have a menu please? Do you have this shoe in a size 11? Do you take mastercard or Visa? Where is the ladies restroom?  Think of male words you tend to use, which we can make note of. Also, on your computer, go to Control Panel and find Accessories…then find recorder. You can tape and record your voice…right into your own computerr and play back. If you have a tape recorder, begin taping your voice…while on the telephone or while driving. It will shock you, how male your voice will sound, when your niot “thinking about your voice”. I am now teaching a technique called the “Gravity Technique” which helps you move your body, while speaking. This helps you to– not get lost in your head with spinning thoughts…(so you don’t drop out and return to your old way of speaking)…due to not being fully conscious of being in your voice. I think this is a wonderful tool to “get inside and reframe your brain and its old way of thinking”, and I am gettting wonderful results.

We will cover:

1. Finding your Pitch

2. Getting your Resonance, softer.

3. Creating Inflection, and Voice Gestures.

4. Gravity Training and Techniques you can do anytime or anyplace.

5. Practice sessions and breathing.

Many full time girls, find..their voice is the one area that gives them away. With practice, my new techniques will help you




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