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San Francisco Day In The Sun

Hey Everyone: If you live here, in the Northern California Bay Area… mark your calender for July 19th for the AIDs walk in San Francisco. Each person walking,  will raise money for AIDS research. I will be there, walking for my brother Patrick. I hope to see you, grab me if you do and pull me over. Wear hats, and bring water. Tons of fun folks, music, food and we’re helping out. So, bring a friend! Its best to park outside of the parade area and take a trolly or bus. Many are getting a hotel for the night. Truly, it will be so much fun and what a chance to meet many new folks.



Pelvic Drop

Hello All- I am working with several genetic girls, in pageants. Their show coordinator, requires the girls to wear 4″ heels, which even for the pros…are extremely difficult and un-natural to walk in. Oh yes, for an hour or so, not so bad, but these girls have to stand in them for hours, with a swimsuit on. Here is the number one problem, I am having…coaching them. 

 When standing in 4 inch heels…all your weight is pushed forward onto the ball of your foot. This DROPS your pelvis down, arches the lower back, and pushes out your tush. Now, you’re saying…that sounds great…a walk with your tush pushed out. But, not so. Watch the average woman, and even men…walk. If they have not had training, or have not worked with a personal coach, etc etc…most all will drop their pelvis down (think of your belly button pointing down towards the floor). Suddenly, for no reason. they will develop Sciatica or lower back pain. The Solution? 

Practice wearing heels, keep them 3 inches at the most, and re-align how you stand, while wearing heels. As seen in my Vol 1…you should stand with the weight on your heels. Begin walking with a heel-toe, heel-toe walk. When weight…is placed on a high heel…it is more difficult than ever…to walk with a heel toe. This is why so many “run way models” walk…with a “Pony Step” which is a way…around walking on the heels of the large 4 inch shoes. Okay, that sounds good, right? Well, only for the run way! You don’t see them walking like this….in a movie or when seen in Central Park!  In closing, find a heel that lifts your torso, pelvic and lower back, into a natural stance. You will look more natural when you walk with the correct alignment. Many tall TG women, in really high heels…simply can’t maintain this walk, over a night of walking or dancing. I hope this helps you find, a heel which you feel pretty in, and realize when you will be out walking for hours….to put your lower heels…in your emergency tote bag– in the trunk of your car! Yes, I’m always getting something out of the trunk of my car…a pull over sweater when it gets cool, to a T-shirt with no sleeves to wear under my sweater, and oh yes…a pair of flats, or 1 inch, 2 inch heels. I think of the car trunk, as my suitcase..away from home. I recently found a pair of shoes I had lost, and a pair of panties.

Have fun,


Watch For My Upcoming LIVE Web Cam Class

Happy 4th of July to all. 

I am putting together, my first LIVE Web Class. For all of you, who could never fly here to Northern CA (San Francisco area) to work with me, now is your opportunity to reserve your seat…in my LIVE consultation, and you can ask questions, and be a part of this interactive class. 

I plan on covering new areas: Undergarments Which Will Fit. Size and Style to Purchase, I am covering Voice in class 3, which so many of you are interested in. In class 2, I will go over makeup application and wig selection. I will teach here, live from my desk and dressing area, so I have everything I need…to show you. how to get a feminine look…in less than 30 mins. 

I really feel, this is going to be fun and informative. Please do email me, if you think you will be interested. We are planning one class for July, Aug, and Sept. We will give you several time options. My web mistress will arrange for you to click on the link and presto…you’re in the class and can see me. You will have privacy from others seeing you. Be sure and watch, I will be giving dates and times. We are keeping the price at $10.00 for this 1 hour and 20 min class. I will make this fun, so get ready with which day of the week is best for you. I would like to know…if middle of the week (at night) is your first choice or if a Friday or Saturday evening, is best for you. Please email me with your preference at: Signup will be posted when, we hear back from all of you….which night of the week is best for you! 

More information to come, as we arrange this over the 4th. 

Go to the beach and have fun…just apply sunscreen and wear a hat! 

See you LIVE soon!