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Fitting Tips For The Best Bra Fit, From Playtex Bra

Hello, Herewith a video sent in, by one of my clients. It is made my Playtex Bras, and shows the different bra types, how to fit and measure. Take a look, very educational!


The Girdle Zone

Thanks Patrice, for your newest update on the History of Girdles! I love reading about the history of undergarments, makeup, clothing. So, girls….take time to read this comment/link from Patrice on the east coast!

Thank you Jeff, for your East Coast Voice Recomendation

Hey Everyone, I hope you’re having a great holiday. It is crazy here at the beach in Santa Cruz, with lots of visitors. Okay, thank you Jeff…of New York for your recommendation of a voice coach in NY.  I have only known the voice teachers here in California. Many of you have emailed me asking for a voice coach in NY.  I have not personally met this woman, but have had a strong recomendation that she works with tg woman. If you try working with her, please let me know!

Denae  voice coach in NY