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Taking Off Pounds, To Look More Feminine

Hi Ladies, I would love to hear back from any of you, who might have transitioned…and found a great way to take off weight, in the right places…to obtain a more feminine body shape. I have advised my serious ts clients, to stretch…get as flexible as possible. Being flexible helps one slide into more feminine body angles and positions.

I have recently gone down from a size 12 to a size 8. I will give you all my easy cooking suggestions, but more importantly…I hired a Pilates Coach, to come to my home three times a week. He checks my form, and ensures I am doing it right! I am more flexible, and have taken off inches in the areas…I want. This is why; I feel Pilates is great for the TG woman. You can determine how to lose weight in your upper arms, while putting on weight in your hips. In addition, your Pilates have a new “JUMPING” bar, and since you’re on your back (and not standing up running) you will not hurt your knees.

I believe in coaches. Yes, at first you don’t want to spend the money. Then, you realize how much money has been wasted on needless clothing purchases…and you hopefully realize you’re more important! When transitioning, there are so many areas to learn, change, and accept…that your head spins. As a coach for hundreds of serious TG women, many going through transition, may I humbly suggest to begin with YOU. Invest in people who are at the top of their game, and one by one…knock away getting the best help in each area, you can from a few weeks with a personal trainer, to time with a voice coach, movement coach, makeup expert, and someone to teach you how to curl your hair, roll your hair and style your hair in many ways. And, working with the best wig salon, to decide if a partial, or extensions, or a Halo will work best for you.

I truly suggest you begin with your own bodywork coach. He/she will hold you accountable, even on those days when you want to give up, and stay under the covers. But, you will hear your coach ringing the doorbell, and you switch off those negative dark thoughts, into feeling more hopeful–.knowing your coach will help you. So, try out Pilates and if it is good for you, you can purchase a machine, used for around $150.00. You begin with 20 mins of cardio by “jumping” on the springboard, and then 30 mins of stretching each area. I hope this helps you find a way, to create the feminine body you want.