Walking In Heels

Hello Ladies, this is Denae. I have had several emails, regarding how to “walk in heels”. Now heels are 4 inches, which will need an update from my previous teachings. I am thinking of doing a new very short, dvd…on walking in heels. Can you ladies, tell me if this is something you think would be helpful? It is so easy to show, instead of trying to write it. I will give you some tips, in my blog tomorrow, I need to put my thoughts together. What do you say?
Hugs to all,

One thought on “Walking In Heels

  1. Hi Denae, Thanks so much for all your many tips for me and the other “special girls”. I found a great site for the “girls” to check out (and probably order from) for really great girdles and bras. There are lots of open bottom girdles (brings back so many memories). Check out the site at http://www.secretsinlace.com for valuable tips about fine lingerie, robes, etc. You could also type in http://www.cynthia.obg.com
    Hugs from New York

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