Going To The Symphony With Mary Part I


Hello Ladies;

I wanted to tell you about my work–not the instructional consults, but the outside coaching.  Part of my work, is to go out with clients who have trained with me previously and who want to experience more real life situations. I want to tell you about Mary and our consult going to the symphy. Mary is about 35-40 years old, she is about 5’8” and she wants to always dress classy.  And Mary has had several consults with me, on movement, makeup and voice,  and shopping consults. 

Mary recently contacted me because she wanted to go to the symphy and didn’t want to go alone. Now, Mary passes fine in public,  but this was her first large public gathering. She loves classical musical music and the symphony was playing one of her favorite pieces.

 So, Mary arraged for great seats, and I was excited about going. But, our first assigment was…getting Mary something new to wear…to make this a very special occasion for her. So, several days before the performance, we met at Macy’s to pick out her outfit. We didn’t want to select something very dressy that she couldn’t wear other places, but something that would be suitable for any late night event. As we looked around Macy’s, a sales lady helped us pick out three dresses which all of us love. .


The first was simple  basic black dress made of a form fitting fabric, that  accernuated Mary’s curves. Mary loved this dress, as she has just purchased some black pumps which would go with the dress perfectly. Our second selection was a light blue dress, with long sleeves….almost sky blue. The blue went well with the new blonde wig, I had purchased with her lasgt year and it brought out the blue in her eyes. I suggested, it would help if she added a touch of blue eyeliner. Wow, her eyes would just pop! The third dress was a green, wrap style… and she felt  the belt would  emphasized her new waist line. So, which to choose, since Mary looked good in all of them. In the end, we decided to go with the green dress, as she could dress it down and wear it other places. The sales woman agreed with our choice. 

We left Macy’s, said goodbye, and agreed to meet again on Sat for drinks before the performance. So, stay tuned, I will report on  details on how the evening progressed/

One thought on “Going To The Symphony With Mary Part I

  1. Hi, Denae,

    That’s a GREAT story. I love the symphony, too. It’s a fun event to go
    to dressed. I can hardly wait to hear
    the rest of the story.

    Hugs, Shellie

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