Mary's Evening In San Francisco ~ Symphony


Mary at Symphony

 When Sat afternoon rolled around, I realized I needed to begin getting dressed. I looked through my closet, to select something for the event. I found several  cocktail dresses or a dressy suit, which would be ideal for the occasion. After trying on several things, I decided on a black dress I had worn before and gotten several compliments on. I decided on makeup, which was more colorful, than my daytime look.  Hair, up in a French Twist, for a really sophisticed look, and I was off to San Francisco to meet Mary for drinks. There was extra traffic and I arrived a little late, at the hotel lobby where we agreed to meet.  I found Mary sitting at a table, talking with a couple from out of town, who were sitting near by.  When I approached, Mary gave me a big smile, and introduced her new friends.  Wow, was I impressed at how well she was doing. The four of us sat for a while, and chatted as we gave them a list of interesting places to sight see in the city. It was soon time to go, and we said our good-byes.


Since San Francisco has little parking, we caught a cab to Davies Hall. As we entered the crowed lobby, Mary held back for a moment, a bit over whelmed at the sight of so many people. Mary had gone out in public extensively, but usually had encountered small groups or individuals. She had never been to a place, with hundreds of people in a crowded area. I took her arm, and glided her over to the ticket window, where we picked up pre-ordered tickets. From there, we glided over to the doors to the symphony hall, where the attendants smiled at us and told us to have a nice evening.

There was a ladies room, right by the entrance…so we decided to freshen up before the performance.  We walked in, and as usual had to wait in line for an open stall. Afterwards, we washed our hands; freshen up our makeup and wind blown hair. None of the other women seemed to take notice of Mary. We casually walked up the grandstand way to locate our seats. We received a program from an usher who showed us to our seats, which was in a very full section. We were sitting in the middle of the row, and had to side step past many people. I could feel Mary getting tense, once again with the crowded situation, but I encouraged her to continue to go forward. We ending up, sitting down to an older couple, who greeted us and we discovered they were regular symphony attendee’s. The older gentleman insisted on telling us the life history of the composer, which we found very interesting, and Mary began asking him questions, which he was happy to answer. Soon the lights dimmed and the performance began.


An hour later, at intermission the two of us decided to stretch our legs and navigated past the people in our row and went out into the lobby. Mary decided to purchase a bottle of water, but the line was very long. Eventually, we reached the front and a young man said; “Hello ladies, what would you like”? We both ordered water, and of course asked for a straw! We walked out on one of the old balconies, for fresh air and saw the lights of the San Francisco City Hall. Mary was beaming, and very confident now.  Her shyness seems to have dissipated with each successful encounter. All that training, paid off. She turned to me and thanked me for being her coach, and reaching a level she thought…. would never be possible. We took a moment to reflect back on her first awkward outings with me…when this could have only been a dream. I smiled, gave her a hug, as we retuned to the auditorium.

One thought on “Mary's Evening In San Francisco ~ Symphony

  1. > Hi Denae,
    > I enjoyed the second part of your recounting of Mary and you
    > at SFS. She seems to be comfortable with individuals, as you
    > relate from the hotel and the “regulars” you sat next to. To
    > carry on a conversation shows, to me, a great deal of poise.
    > I am surprised she is anxious about being in large crowds, but
    > I guess each of us is different. I feel more comfortable
    > chit-chatting with other symphony goers since I have been
    > practicing my voice. As I have said before, that is part of
    > the fun.
    > I would like to visit with you again, perhaps in the early part
    > of next year. Maybe I, too, can graduate to similar outings as
    > you had with Mary, but I think you should be the judge of that.
    > Anyway, I hope things are as good as can be with you and yours.
    > Have a Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you soon next year.

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