Outside Feminity Coaching

Joan and Denae Explore Santa Cruz

Joan and I meet for breakfast at a little place, for locals. Joaa is 26, tall and thin. She wears her hair long, but on this casual day…she pulled it back into a ponytail. Joan is always casual, and I have only seen her in jeans.
I decided to dress in jeans also, to not bring any attention to us. Dressed casually, so we would blend well with the other locals. I wore jeans, with a T-shirt, with a sweater I tied around my shoulders, in case it got cold later in the day. Joan wore a casual long sleeve red top, with nice fitting black jeans with black ankle boots and a casual tan bag thrown over her shoulder. We had to wait, to get a table and we found ourselves a little self-conscious standing in a crowded waiting area. Because she is tall, she became more anxious. . But, I noticed no one was paying any special attention, and I encouraged her to relax and to simply turn towards me and begin to chat softly—to make girl talk—as if we were just two tall girls out having breakfast. Finally, a young waitress called Joan’s name and showed us to our booth. Wow, Joan replied. That was difficult, I felt as if everyone was looking at me. I reminded her, of all the hard training we had done, and how her thin body moved more gracefully than most of the genetic women. She was relieved.

The waitress brought us coffee and menus, and told us she would return to take our order. I looked at the menu and decided upon something light. Scrambled eggs and toast. To my surprise, the thin Joan wanted to order the large breakfast platter, pancakes and all. When I heard this, I had to remind her not to order a meal for a large man, but instead one for a graceful, young woman who watches her figure. Joan quickly changed her order to fruit and yogurt, with eggs…a breakfast more suitable for the image she was trying to portray.

Our waitress appeared, and Joan ordered using her very best feminine voice., and was careful to keep her voice soft, and to smile and to make eye contact while giving her order to the waitress.
I had been watching Joan’s interaction carefully, so I was taken off guard when the waitress turned to me. I quickly recovered, gave her my order, and she left out table as she had done for everyone.
The lessons learned, to be continued!

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