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Gold Rush TG Conference in Denver Co

For any of you, who will be going to the Gold Rush Convention, in Denver…beginning this week, be sure and email me and please come up and introduce yourself to me. I will be speaking on Fri and on Sat. I have the Gold Rush link, on my front page of http://www.FemImage. See you there!!

TG Photos ~

Hello All, this is Denae. Please begin emailing me, your very best of the best photo of yourself. Please know, I may post your photo, on my newest web site coming soon….called TG Photos.
I am truly looking for a natural, look…that will blend. If you feel, someone could look at your photo, and be surprised….that you’re a genetic male…then I would like to see what you have done. I will email you, and I would like to ask you some questions. Such as…how long have you worked on your Fem Image, are you a CD or full time, what are your suggestions…to a new girl just starting out? I get so many emails from new girls just starting, and they just do not know where to begin. Often, they make costly purchases which don’t fit or just are not the look they want to get across. So, ladies. I have a challenge for you. Send me your vest best suggestions, pro and con….for any new girl just beginning, and I will post it. You can leave off your name and your email will be removed. And/or send me your best photo! Let me hear from you ladies. I know you’re out there, but you’re shy! Use this blog to write about beauty tip and or questions! And, have fun with it.
I look forward to YOUR best tips.

My 2010 Speaking Schedule ~ At TG Conventions

Hello all!  I have my travel schedule for 2010 planned out. Many of you, who can’t travel to the San Francisco area, like to work with me while at one of the major conventions…near you. I will be Feb 25 at:

Gold Rush, Denver Colorado

Espirit, in Port Angles, Washington

SCC  Atlanta Georgia

Be All…this is my first time to go east!! So many of you on the east coast have emailed me for years, so I will finally fly to your coast! Please email me ahead of time, if you think you would like to spend one hour with me.

I will be giving two seminars. One for CD’s and tips.

A 2nd seminar of Feminine Movement and Gestures. These are both NEW seminars, and will be lots of fun. Music and Moves!!

email me at:   Subject line: Convention

I look forward to meeting all of you!  Check my front page for dates and times!!


Table Manners For The TG Woman

Thank you C, for your email asking about table manners. This is such a great topic for us to cover. I will include your email, and my response…below for others to read!

Ms Doyle,

I purchased a few years ago your CDs and have enjoyed them very much. Unfortunately, I can’t practice and go out in public like I want to. One thing I have noticed is how differently men and women eat and their table manners. Would you consider doing a CD on this? Thanks again for your time.


Hello C, thank you for the GREAT question. I can best answer your question, by telling you a few, true-real-life stories of clients going full time. We will work for an entire day of walking, voice, etc. Then, break to eat lunch. At this point, the really primal instinct in all of us…takes over….”hunger”. Many tg women…even full time…have eaten in guy mode for so long, they have lost insight into how they look eating. Eating, becomes like breathing, just something very natural. However, for the tg going out, you must pull back away from the food. Most go into “unconscious eating” and the old guy habits return…which are:
eating fast
taking really large bites
talking with some food still in the mouth
not setting the fork down, to finish chewing.
making a “gulp” nose, when swallowing large amounts of fluid.
not making eye contact while eating.
And, leaning down over the table.
If I had to summarize–it would be slow down. Pull back
from the food. Don’t have such a relationship with the food,
but look, see, feel others at the table.
Also, this is the KEY to losing weight. I learned this
as a young model. They taught us to not have racing
thoughts going on in our heads, while eating…but instead
be fully aware of what you’re eating, how it taste, how
much to swallow, and to really taste each bite.

Over weight people, often eat..while watching tv, while driving,
while “think, think, thinking, of whatever. C, it is much like
driving. Have you ever driven someplace, and then…not remembered
how you got there? Same deal. You were doing something very
familiar (driving, eating) and while your hamster wheel thoughts
were spinning…you’re not really aware and fully present with
the drive or with the food.
Give this a try! If it doesn’t work…I have one more old modeling tip…
but I will save that!
Eat, feel, and enjoy each bite!
PS: Eat in front of a mirror. Eat with
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 5:53 PM
Subject: CD on eating and table manners

Thank you "A" for your post


Hi Denae,

I thought I would send you a message about my attending
San Francisco Ballet last night.  I had a couple of items
I wanted to wear, and I had not been out dressed in awhile.

I wore a silk blouse by Citrion which I bought at Nordstroms.
The blouse was black with a muted floral print.  I wore a black
skirt with sequins sown on a strip of black chiffon at the hem.
I accessorized with a silver sequined chiffon shawl I wore
draped evenly around my neck.

The night turned out to be absolutely fabulous, with the least
of that being the performance.  I deposited my coat at the coat
check and the lady in line behind me remarked how lovely my blouse
was and where did I get it.  We had a nice chit-chat about where
I got my blouse until she deposited her coat.  I went to my seat
for the performance.  During the first intermission the woman next
to me asked my how I enjoyed it.  It turns out she was a former
dancer and had moved to San Francisco about five years ago.  We
talked about the arts in San Francisco during that and the second
intermission, and at the end of the performance said our goodbyes.
I went to retrieve my coat and again ran into the lady I had met
earlier.  She again said how much she adored my blouse and I thanked
her profusely.

I relate this because I was able to keep in my voice all the way
through, and I found it was easier as I was more relaxed.  When I
told the former dancer I enjoyed opera, she asked me what would be some
good operas to see initially, since she had never been.  So I was able
to talk in my voice about things my boyself knew a lot about.

I thank you for encouraging me to find my voice and talk, rather than just
go through letters as one might go through scales on a musical instrument.
I know I made mistakes last night when I talked, but if they noticed, they
didn’t let on.  It was so much fun to go dressed in lovely clothes, and then
converse with other women about various topics.  I can’t wait to go to the

By the way, I called my fashion consultant at Nordstrom’s and told her about
the blouse.  She was very happy about the reaction I got.  One should always
thank people who help you in life.

Best always,