Table Manners For The TG Woman

Thank you C, for your email asking about table manners. This is such a great topic for us to cover. I will include your email, and my response…below for others to read!

Ms Doyle,

I purchased a few years ago your CDs and have enjoyed them very much. Unfortunately, I can’t practice and go out in public like I want to. One thing I have noticed is how differently men and women eat and their table manners. Would you consider doing a CD on this? Thanks again for your time.


Hello C, thank you for the GREAT question. I can best answer your question, by telling you a few, true-real-life stories of clients going full time. We will work for an entire day of walking, voice, etc. Then, break to eat lunch. At this point, the really primal instinct in all of us…takes over….”hunger”. Many tg women…even full time…have eaten in guy mode for so long, they have lost insight into how they look eating. Eating, becomes like breathing, just something very natural. However, for the tg going out, you must pull back away from the food. Most go into “unconscious eating” and the old guy habits return…which are:
eating fast
taking really large bites
talking with some food still in the mouth
not setting the fork down, to finish chewing.
making a “gulp” nose, when swallowing large amounts of fluid.
not making eye contact while eating.
And, leaning down over the table.
If I had to summarize–it would be slow down. Pull back
from the food. Don’t have such a relationship with the food,
but look, see, feel others at the table.
Also, this is the KEY to losing weight. I learned this
as a young model. They taught us to not have racing
thoughts going on in our heads, while eating…but instead
be fully aware of what you’re eating, how it taste, how
much to swallow, and to really taste each bite.

Over weight people, often eat..while watching tv, while driving,
while “think, think, thinking, of whatever. C, it is much like
driving. Have you ever driven someplace, and then…not remembered
how you got there? Same deal. You were doing something very
familiar (driving, eating) and while your hamster wheel thoughts
were spinning…you’re not really aware and fully present with
the drive or with the food.
Give this a try! If it doesn’t work…I have one more old modeling tip…
but I will save that!
Eat, feel, and enjoy each bite!
PS: Eat in front of a mirror. Eat with
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 5:53 PM
Subject: CD on eating and table manners

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