My 2010 Speaking Schedule ~ At TG Conventions

Hello all!  I have my travel schedule for 2010 planned out. Many of you, who can’t travel to the San Francisco area, like to work with me while at one of the major conventions…near you. I will be Feb 25 at:

Gold Rush, Denver Colorado

Espirit, in Port Angles, Washington

SCC  Atlanta Georgia

Be All…this is my first time to go east!! So many of you on the east coast have emailed me for years, so I will finally fly to your coast! Please email me ahead of time, if you think you would like to spend one hour with me.

I will be giving two seminars. One for CD’s and tips.

A 2nd seminar of Feminine Movement and Gestures. These are both NEW seminars, and will be lots of fun. Music and Moves!!

email me at:   Subject line: Convention

I look forward to meeting all of you!  Check my front page for dates and times!!


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