TG Photos ~

Hello All, this is Denae. Please begin emailing me, your very best of the best photo of yourself. Please know, I may post your photo, on my newest web site coming soon….called TG Photos.
I am truly looking for a natural, look…that will blend. If you feel, someone could look at your photo, and be surprised….that you’re a genetic male…then I would like to see what you have done. I will email you, and I would like to ask you some questions. Such as…how long have you worked on your Fem Image, are you a CD or full time, what are your suggestions…to a new girl just starting out? I get so many emails from new girls just starting, and they just do not know where to begin. Often, they make costly purchases which don’t fit or just are not the look they want to get across. So, ladies. I have a challenge for you. Send me your vest best suggestions, pro and con….for any new girl just beginning, and I will post it. You can leave off your name and your email will be removed. And/or send me your best photo! Let me hear from you ladies. I know you’re out there, but you’re shy! Use this blog to write about beauty tip and or questions! And, have fun with it.
I look forward to YOUR best tips.

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