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Flirting Tips ~ Try The Breast Form Store..For Their New Summer Products!

Hi Everyone- I recently had a full time client, as how to flirt. Herewith with some suggestions, and some CDs may feel a little uncomfortable. But, for any full time girl, on her new dating…here goes!
Womens Body Language That States They Are Interested In A Man
How To Recognize Female Body Language That Means She’s Interested in You

The following body signals and bodily movements will indicate that a single woman is interested in you
after meeting you:

1.Of course, if you do make eye contact and exchange smiles, this usually means that she is
interested in you.
2.She sits uncomfortably close to you.
3.Her hand or thigh carelessly brushes up against your thigh.
4.A single woman exposing her wrist or palm to you.
5.While talking to you, she twiddles her hair, rearranges her clothes, or pushes her hair away from
her face.
6.While talking to you, she strokes her thigh, wrists, or palm.
7.While talking to you, she blinks more than usual, fluttering her eyelashes.
8.While talking to you, her eyes are brighter than normal. She maintains eye contact and her pupils
get bigger.
9.She sits with her legs crossed and pointed towards you.
10.She sits in a very straight position, displaying poise and good posture.
11.While conversing with you, she licks her lips.
12.Eyebrows raised and then lowered, then a smile, usually indicate interest.
13.While conversing with you, she rests an elbow in the palm of one hand, while holding out her other
hand, palm up. (I teach this in Vol 1)
14.She touches your arm, shoulder, thigh, or hand while talking to you.
15.While conversing with you, she rests an elbow in the palm of one hand, while holding out her other
hand, palm up.
16.She raises or lowers the volume of her voice to match yours.
17.She rubs her chin or touches her cheek. This indicates that she’s thinking about you and her
relating in some way.
18.Her skin tone becomes red while being around you.
19.She plays with her jewelry, especially with stoking and pulling motions.
20.She rubs her wrists up and down.

Consultation from the UK

I promised….to let you know more about my consultations from out of the US. We are so lucky to live in the US…to be free to shop in stores, purchase a wig, to hire wonderful  experts to help us in each area of image, and to attend TG Conventions for additional information from top experts. Oh yes, this coming week, the TG convention…..Expirit in Washington state….is a great,  private convention. This is a wonderful conventiion for the new girl, it is very private and hidden in a small town, you find by ferry. If you’re new, check out the Expirit web site.

My client is leaving here this weekend, after 3-4 full days of selecting a wig, working on movement, and voice, changing her makeup, colors…. and she is off to a full 5 days at Expirit.  Since, in the UK or Ireland, etc…this enables her to have10 straight days to stay dressed, and she is able to practice all the new information I shared with her. Having, this additional time to stay dressed, will help her advance to a new, more comfortable level of blending. Ladies, take advantage of all the great help you have here in the US!
In closing, give your mother a big hug this Sunday!

Another Consultqtion

Hello and Merry May …To Everyone-
Many of you have emailed me–asking to hear more about my consultations. Keeping them confidential, I thought it would be fun for you to live through my perspective. For the next three days, I have a new girl coming in from the UK. A long flight–for a consultation…but good for her wanting “to get it right”. Her goal is to attend a major TG convention…upon leaving here.
She has already arrived and is resting in a SF hotel. This afternoon, I have her visiting the wig salon (not wig store) I use in SF–for natural human hair wig….. where I have been working with the wig specialist there, who have two different colored wigs made up. They are long, and un=cut…but first step…is for the client to pick the color. I had dark roots put in, a lower medium brown low color, then…beautiful reddish gold highlights. When, she picks her favorite color combination, I had made up for her, their specialist will cut the style,determined by her face shape and neck size. I was sent photos of her favorite hair color, and put it together from that.

She will stay in San Francisco tonight, and sight see.
Tommmorw, she will drive to Santa Cruz, and check into a hotel I had suggested. We will begin with Movement and Voice, as those are the two most difficult areas to change and maintain. We will cover all the movement, covered on my DVDs and she will take the DVDs home to remember what we covered. We will create her own way of moving, with my help seeing anything which stands out. We then cover stairs, cars, doors, coats, handbags, being seated at a table, how to swing your hips, and gestures while speaking. With a short break on the patio, with a snack…..we then begin Voice.
I use a computer software program which records her pitch, resonance and inflection and then gives her the score. We then play it back, and she can HEAR and SEE . The scale doesn’t lie, so this is a fabulous way to teach feminine voice. She will then, practice… she will know her score. Next, we go to the local mall- where she will pick a pair of glasses at Lense Crafters, as she is bringing her RX. And, that will be a full day one for us!
The next day, we will cover all her makeup, and how to roll and curl her wig. We will cover some ways to take feminine photos, and some simple dance sways….for the Sat night event at her upcoming TG convention. We will review her wardrobe, and determine her colors and if the style of clothing she is purchasing, is correctly put together. Then, with some sad goodbyes…I send her off into the world, to blend and succeed at her very first TG convention. I often hear back from my consultation girls, by phone. We go over voice, and new questions come up.i. Girls who live near CA, often touch base with me, once a year…and we take everything to an entirely new level. I can then, see any mistakes they are making, with purchases, or lack of practice. These are the girls, who really look good and blend, and I am very proud to say….this is the very best way to obtain a truly, natural and feminine new look. Everything takes practice and many things take a coach. I believe in coaches, to learn anything new. I just hired a tennis coach, so I don’t teach myself bad habits!

I will touch base with all of you, after she leaves, as we will be working non-stop. I hope this helps many of you, regardless of where you live, get good help.
Now, what am I going to wear? See, the girl work…. never stops!!!
PS: See all of you at Be All in Chicago and Southern Comfort in Atlanta, do email me if you would like to meet with me for a mini one hour, consultation…while there!


Hello everyone.
I wanted to share, a recent consultation with you. This client, I have worked with several times. She looks really great now, I changed her wig type, wig color, makeup, and covered movement. She loves heels and form fitting clothing. She has not been able to go out in public much,  so we are working on what would get her clocked.  After, working with her in our third consultation…I realized…..her look is to hot! Yes, hard to believe…all that work to look like a sensual, beautiful woman–and now I’m telling her to downplay her look! Lets think about this. For night time, or clubs, or staying at home…a really sexy look (3 or 4 inch heels, tight skirt) is great. But, in todays world…women dress down. I explained to her, she will bring to much attention to herself, by having heels, makeup….even though it’s all in good taste, and great style. So, for our next consultation, her assignment is to put together a summer outfit–she could wear out during the day–to a grocery store, or errands….and not have her first three second impression….not cause someone really looking. I explained, she should look pretty, and blend…but not give the public time to pick you out of the crowd and stare. So, by toning down the ultra feme look for day….you want a lower heel shoe, a skirt that hits at the knee or a little above, less jewelry and less makeup. So, see what looks you can create for summer!

 I hope this helps!