Hello everyone.
I wanted to share, a recent consultation with you. This client, I have worked with several times. She looks really great now, I changed her wig type, wig color, makeup, and covered movement. She loves heels and form fitting clothing. She has not been able to go out in public much,  so we are working on what would get her clocked.  After, working with her in our third consultation…I realized…..her look is to hot! Yes, hard to believe…all that work to look like a sensual, beautiful woman–and now I’m telling her to downplay her look! Lets think about this. For night time, or clubs, or staying at home…a really sexy look (3 or 4 inch heels, tight skirt) is great. But, in todays world…women dress down. I explained to her, she will bring to much attention to herself, by having heels, makeup….even though it’s all in good taste, and great style. So, for our next consultation, her assignment is to put together a summer outfit–she could wear out during the day–to a grocery store, or errands….and not have her first three second impression….not cause someone really looking. I explained, she should look pretty, and blend…but not give the public time to pick you out of the crowd and stare. So, by toning down the ultra feme look for day….you want a lower heel shoe, a skirt that hits at the knee or a little above, less jewelry and less makeup. So, see what looks you can create for summer!

 I hope this helps!

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