Consultation from the UK

I promised….to let you know more about my consultations from out of the US. We are so lucky to live in the US…to be free to shop in stores, purchase a wig, to hire wonderful  experts to help us in each area of image, and to attend TG Conventions for additional information from top experts. Oh yes, this coming week, the TG convention…..Expirit in Washington state….is a great,  private convention. This is a wonderful conventiion for the new girl, it is very private and hidden in a small town, you find by ferry. If you’re new, check out the Expirit web site.

My client is leaving here this weekend, after 3-4 full days of selecting a wig, working on movement, and voice, changing her makeup, colors…. and she is off to a full 5 days at Expirit.  Since, in the UK or Ireland, etc…this enables her to have10 straight days to stay dressed, and she is able to practice all the new information I shared with her. Having, this additional time to stay dressed, will help her advance to a new, more comfortable level of blending. Ladies, take advantage of all the great help you have here in the US!
In closing, give your mother a big hug this Sunday!

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