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Southern Comfort 2010 in Atlanta


Hello Everyone; Southern Comfort 2010 in Atlanta, where I gave two seminars… was really wonderful.  If any of you have SCC photos…you would like to share on do email them to me at: and add SCC photos in the subject line.

We had fun, with a Friday night dinner. Everyone was really dressed to impress (nicer than to kill). This was the 20th anniversay for SCC and on Sat night they took us through each year and the program. There were speakers from every state, many new to me.

 When, I first began SCC in 2000–the speakers were mainly me, Doug Osterhout, Toby Metzer, however now….there are doctors I have never heard of.  I do caution everyone, with any TG information to do your own research and talk to others.   Just because a surgeon has a web site, or speaks at a convention….doesn’t indicate how well experienced they are with TG work. Please ask others, check photos, and do your own homework with calling other girls or emailing.  Even, if you have to travel, or go into chat rooms where other girls have seen the good and the bad.  Go for experience, professionals that have been working withthe community for years. Oh yes, Dr. Doug Osterhout (Dr. O) has a NEW book out, of Feminization Facial Surgery (Amazon).  I want to thanDoug publically– for your only referral! I was so surprised, when he gave me his new book on the Fri night dinner. Doug said, “are you grateful”? “For what”, I smiled and aked? “For me recomending only one person.. you….. in my book”. I felt silly, not knowing this. What an honor. Thank you Doug–You’re The Best! We have worked with girls, together for over 11 years.

Oh yes, yes. NOW thefall fashions 2010 which JUST CAME OUT –in the stores! Early buying, gives youa betterselection or size and color. For everyone who wanted to know, where I got the black faux fur jacket, I wore at SCC, check out  they have it in brown this year, as well as black. Go for a Large Or xLarge, as BeBe runs small. Also, Love, Love, Love the knew boot heel/shoes. Not a boot, but a high-heel short boot-cut shoe. Great with very dark black or brown hose. Put withhot knee length dress or skirt–OR add the new  longer above the knee boots. Look for a zipper if you have wide calf. Easy fashions this year to find and purchase. Get the really dark panty hose in black, brown, grey. Boot, or shoe/boots. Great black dress or form fitting skirt.  Put a 2 inch belt with it, if you feel your waist isokay. Add, the new short fur jackets, Or the short, faux leather jacket with zippers on it. I love this look.  On the airline home–I was able to add in these same items with a pair or form fitting hot jeans–with the same shoe/boot, with the jacket, add a loose chain belt to the outside of the jeans. So, shop for lots of separates. Fun chains, and rings. One coat, with dress/skirt or jeans!!  For the dress I wore, go to and you will see, they carry very feminine, yet sensual dresses.

Life is sooo good this year, with low cost dressing and separates.

Let me hear about your SCC experiences and send photos!! Why don’t any of you blog back? I feel, like I am writing to myself. I hate that!! Show me you care, and blog me! If my “comments” is not working, email me so I can get my web mistress to correct any issues…at   blog in subject line!

Hugs from Santa Cruz, CA…The Northern California TG Hub. Denae, Doug Osterhout, Judy Van Maasdam (gender therapist at Stanford), Joel Beck,  Toby Metzer close by, and now–just moved here with us from CO is Dr. Marci Bowers. Come see us!


PS: Do any of you have a small Maltese?  I love them, and I’m addicted to buying them. So, just send me your cutest Maltese photo!! I’m serious. Show me your Maltese and if anyone is interested I will post a new photo of my new one.

Sept 4th 2010 ~ Happy Labor Day

Hello Everyone, I have been very busy with travel. Please forgive my tardy response, on the blog. I wish more of you would blog, you don’t have to register…just submit!

I am getting ready to leave in three days for Southern Comfort.

Now, what to wear…and what to pack. With the new airline rules, they charge for each suitcase!

My packing “everything…just in case” days…are over. I must restrain, and only pack the outfits needed. BUT, shoes are the evil ones, that weigh  so much.

More later, as I progress in packing. If you have any packing suggestions, please submit ….I think this is one area…I need help in!