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New Faux Fall Coats

Hello Charese; thank you for your email…this is Denae. Yes, I also love the new faux fall jackets in all lengths- short length, medium length, and mid thigh (called duster jacket). The jacket I wore, you’re emailing me asking about…is from the new Rachael Zoe line. I love her clothes, and relate to her as a “stylist” who dresses genetic women. I found, the new long faux fur vest vest (in several colors) and the duster jacket on QVC as they now offer the Rachael Zoe line (due to the sucess of her new television show called Rachael Zoe).  Go for color, or for the colors that work well with your hair.

Thanks for your email, and check out her clothing. I have several of her things, and love, love, love them.


E-mail from Danielle, regarding how to walk in heels

Email from Danielle. Thanks for your input Danielle. Keep up the great practice, and be aware of WHERE your weight falls. This may need to be brought back, or to the middle of the step…before you roll into the ball of the foot.

Great work ~ Denae (read Danielle’s email below)


I have a physics background. What a wonderful discussion of the kinematics. When I wear heels for a period of time the very muscles you describe are what I feel the next day. You are right on the mark. I can’t say that is how I walk but I am trying.


How The TG Woman Shops

How Should A New CD Measure For A Bra ~ Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

Hello Ella, this is Denae. Thank you for your question, by email. I am now doing a CC to the blog, on my email replies, as it may help other girls who have similar questions. But first, thank you for all your emails…requesting the location of my newest discovery of a local “replica” (designer look alike) handbag store. For others who are not close to California, and/or you don’t live or shop near a “fashion mart”…. I will be posting some photos of the bags I have purchased for myself and I will show several colors, and if any of you would like one, email me and I will ship one out to you. They generally have new bags every week, but I shop for the Classic bag for everyday in look like designer bags such as: Coco Channel, Louie, Prada, and many others. At these low replica prices, we can enjoy many wild colors and pay much less– for fun colors of red, blue, yellow, green, which I would normally not purchase. The replica prices run about $70.00 for a designer handbag, as the real bags would sell for hundreds. 
Okay, now…getting a bra that fits and is comfortable…is difficult for even the seasoned genetic women. Having the back snap ride upward will cause the cups of your bra to look un-natural and it causes the cups to “point upward”, and only padded bras stand upward when we’re 18.  The new trend, with gg’s…since the bra fitting show on Ophra…is to have a smaller band size and a much larger cup size. There was only one little problem with that. There were no stores that carried the larger size cups over a size D or Double D. Just recently, some of the better retail stores; such as Nordstrom’s are carrying the larger cup size of E.  If comfort is more important to you, than the largest cup sizes, then herewith a bra size chart for men to measure. See bottom of this blog.
 IT is important to not have your band size tight, as this causes a roll of skin under your arm  …and causes a bulge in the back of your dress or under the arm area. If this happens, herewith my suggestions.  First, try increasing your band size up.   I suggest…getting a band size that fits comfortably and does not go up in the back, but will stay down. (This is very important when purchasing a strapless bra, as it will always slip downward in the back as well as the front. Look in the mirror, and try to select a cup size by your body size and proportions… and mostly by your shoulder size. If you’re tall and thin…. I suggest you select a smaller breast size. Women’s breasts are mostly all fat.  This is why; women’s breasts get larger when they’re pregnant or when they have gained weight. If you begin looking at breast size of genetic women, in relationship to their height and weight… thin women and or tall and then women will naturally have small breasts. I occasionally will meet a genetic woman who is thin, and has larger breasts and she will always say… it is genetic in her family. Generally, until breast implants, only women with extra weight had larger breasts.  A great example is…. Dolly Parton. With her new ultra thin body, there is no way on earth…her breasts would be that large. I recently saw one of her original photos from Hee Haw when she was about 21 yrs old…and she was very short and thin, with very small breasts, probably an A cup. For a trans woman, getting clothing to fit, is often difficult; so don’t cause additional fitting problems with a blouse that will not button, due to larger cup sizes.
So, if you like large breasts, please first take a look at your body type.  Always look in a mirror and turn to one side; and cross both arms under your (breast form and bra). Your arms should cross, directly under your breast line, (for a general rule). If your cup is pointing upward, then go back to the measuring tape and get a larger band size, which will stay down better in your back and under your arms. OR try checking how high your have the straps, and let them down some. Now, turn to the side and look again. Fold your arms and see if your arms fit nicely under the bra. If that doesn’t work, try 2 or 3 higher quality brands as they have better holding fabric and styles. Lastly, try several other styles of bra. I have found molded cups with no seams look very natural and have room for breast forms. In my next article, I will discuss the different types of bras, and which breast forms will fit best into each bra style.
  Okay, herewith a measuring chart for men to select the correct bra size. This is different than the genetic girl charts. . And, Ella…let me know how this new way of measuring works out for you—as I believe you were referring to genetic girl measuring charts, and this should work much better for you.
 Girls, please email me. Your emails will not be seen by others, unless I hit publish. You can type in private or okay to publish.
Happy Memorial Day and for many of you…. going to the beach is a great femme experience so, be sure and wear sunscreen and great sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage. I live in an ocean resort town near Hwy One, and I am getting ready tonight for my outing to the beach tomorrow. Gosh, all the things a girl must do, to prepare for a day out from shaving my legs, to painting my toe nails, to selecting a swim suit, sun hat, flip-flops, a blouse to wear over. when it gets cool, etc etc.  I think Sarongs are great to wear, with a large straw hat and Jackie O sunglasses. If you’re new to wearing a swimsuit, try purchasing a long wrap around (sarong) and they have them in swimsuit stores, or in catalogs. I found mine in Boston Proper; you can check sarongs with swimsuits on line at
 If you live in Northern California, near the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy One), wave if you see me. I wear large yellow or red Lilly on my wide brim hat. And, the BoardWalk has a new roller coaster, and I will be on that for sure! I will be screaming the most.
 I hope you, get out and enjoy the weather, too.
I would love to hear from all of you!! I enjoy your photos, with questions.


Feminine Body Language & Dating For The TG Woman

Feminine Body Language & Dating For The New TG Woman


 Flirting Gestures, To Help The New TG Woman Dating

Feminine gestures can send silent signals of desire, or communicate a complete lack of interest.

Are you new at going out as a woman and understanding the subtle signs of attraction or lack thereof?  Before you launch yourself into the line of fire, take time to practice the basics of creating that first three-second impression that states Female and not “Guy In A Dress”.

As a ”Femininity Coach” for genetic women and now Transgendered women, I have created the most important signals a TG woman must focus on and practice – to not give off those subtle male cues. I often hear, “Is it my voice”? Or, “perhaps my beard concealer isn’t working”. Being perceived as female is not as simple as paying to have makeup, wigs, and beautiful clothing, but instead requires time, practice, and a new awareness of not falling back into moving, gesturing and speaking as a male.

First, let’s remember that when it comes to the silent signs of sexual attraction, we are no different than the animal kingdom – which communicates their interest in mating, by using certain body signals. Often, with females it boils down to the message, “I am submissive, harmless and more approachable”. For the new TG woman, you may be wondering ‘what are these secret signals genetic women know how to use?’ Welcome in to the circle of knowing and using age old flirting techniques of confident women – and now this secret potion lies within your reach also! I have made a list of my top eight body language cues, which I teach my TG women to be perceived as a female especially during flirtation. Let’s start at the top and work down.

Tilted Head and Lifted Shoulders

Women tend to have more animated head and shoulder movement, while men are socialized to hold their head and shoulders very linear. When a female is flirting, two of the most easily detected signs of attraction are (1) tilting her head slightly forward while looking up at someone from under the eyebrows and (2) smiling while lifting and rolling her shoulders. These motions indicate that a woman is softer, more compliant and interested in dating!

Pointed Toe and Knee Movement

While standing, a feminine woman keeps weigh back only on one foot, allowing the free front foot to be pointed so she can tilt and move her toe.  Next time you’re out, lift the heel of the pointed toe and allow the knee to rotate in an inward “swaying” movement and see if those new heels will suggest definite interest. This technique also creates a more “shrinking” effect, which is a less threatening profile.

Wrist Forward, Cupped Hands

When speaking, woman use softer, more flowing hand movements. Specifically, take note of whether the palms are facing upward, while gesturing and resting on a table. Practice, using slow, fluid flowing hands with a broken wrist, as if you were moving your hands under water. Keeping your wrist forward, using flowing hands, and cupping your fingers, are all gestures, which are psychologically friendlier.

SSSS- Curve.  Everything Starts With S!

S-CURVE – There is a distinctly feminine way to move and hold yourself. Simply put, truly feminine women have learned to stand, sit and move their bodies in curves – mostly S curves, while men generally stand, sit and walk very linear – they stay in a box, such as the letter “I”.   A truly feminine woman pulls her weight up by lifting her torso and bust – while twisting at the waist. Lift and twist. Lifting your weight prevents weight from dropping down into your feet, especially when wearing heels!

Slower Steps

Men walk twice as fast as most women, especially in heels. Make an effort to slow your stride down. Regardless of how nervous you are, slow everything down. There is no weight dropping down into your feet, especially when your heels are over two inches!

Shorter Stride

To appear more sensual and feminine, try taking half the size step you generally take.
You will find walking in heels will require balance. By taking shorter steps, you will avoid tripping and you will appear more feminine and poised.

Smaller Space

Men have spaces – open space between their arms and body, and between their knees and feet. Men stand linear on the floor with their weight evenly distributed on both feet. Ideally, a feminine woman (and we know all women today are not always feminine) will generally close up the spaces between their arms and torso, between their knees and their feet. The smaller size capsule you have, the smaller space you will take up. By walking and standing in less space, you appear shorter, smaller, and more feminine.

 Swinging Arm


Swinging your arms from your shoulder (as men do) may be a behavior that is giving you away. Let your arms rest gently down the side of your legs allowing for a natural delicate arm swing from your elbows. You should practice keeping your elbows turned inward and slightly bent and touching your torso. Men generally have longer arms than women, so bending your elbows; will give the appearance of shorter and smaller arms.

Now, go put on your favorite pair of heels, and create your own unique, feminine, flirtatious body language


Denae Doyle

Denae Doyle/Founder of FemImage and Denae Doyle Productions, is a Femininity Coach

and Movement/Voice Expert. Denae has instructional DVD’s for the TG woman on Feminine Movement, Gestures, Flirting, Feminine Dance Expression, Feminine Photo Angles and Curves– which can be purchased on

Denae has been featured twice on The Discovery Channel documentaries Changing Sexes and Switched. Denae also was featured on TBS  He’s A Lady, and Denae recently trained Felicity Huffman, co-star of Desperate Housewives, for her Oscar nominated role in TransAmerica.

Denae is currently taping instructional DVD’s for the TG woman. Denae also offers private consultations in Northern CA, San Francisco, Bay area – to help the serious TG woman in all areas of serious transition.

For additional information you can email Denae at:

PO Box 2986 Santa Cruz, CA  95065

Southern Comfort Conference Stories – Flying en femme

Hi Ladies,

I know that many of you have thought about flying “en femme” but have not had the courage.  One of my clients flew en femme for the first time to SCC and has written it up on her new blog.  Its very interesting and exciting. You can read it here:

If any of you have other interesting SCC stories, please send them to me.