New Skype Classes By Denae

Nov 1st,  2010

Hello Ladies, many of you have emailed me regarding my TWO new services.

1. Telephone Consultations: For

                     Voice Coaching and ~ For TG LifeSTyle Coaching and Advice

2. SKYPE mini classes.

If any of you are interested in signing up for ONE SINGLE OR MY GROUP 6 WEEK SKYPE class, I will be offering this during the upcoming holidays….when it is difficult to travel to work with me in California. Please email me, if you’re interested. All you need is a mini cam to sit on top of your computer, and I just bought one at Fry’s for $35.00. Then go to the web site, and download their FREE download.

 We can custom design, what classes would be good for you. I would like to see you and hear you. I can see your movement and make recommendations on your walk, sitting, gestures, coats, etc. I can hear your voice and we can cover voice tips to help your individual voice…. sound more feminine. We could even cover makeup. Please let me know how many of you are interested, and what subjects.

 In addition, I may be able to record several mini classes and you could select the mini class you would like to watch one or more of the newest mini classes, especially if you don’t have Skype.   I will offer several prices and times….but lets begin with just knowing if you’re interested in a Skype consultation/and/or a Mini Lesson and what would most of you like to see, learn, or have me see you and give suggestions. Email me directly at: or simply respond to this blog with Comments!Please let me know if most of  you are interested in simply viewing a new mini download of new 2010 information on various subjects OR if you would prefer an individual Skype consultation. I will leave this posting up and repeat it often, so everyone gets a chance to read this and email me. Don’t be shy!

It will be fun, and there is a lot of new information out there, I would like to add.



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