Television Show On Bravo ~ That Girl Can Walk!

Okay, I admit it. My newest vice is watching the HouseWives of ALL the cities. I really enjoy observing  how differently the women dress, in various cities. And, how they express their femininity differently due to their weather, culture, and how they were raised. Orange County has lots of blonds in jeans. New York has lots of boots, coats and natural color hair.

I have to admit, the newest show…HouseWives of Beverly Hills (which just aired late Sept 2010) is now my favorite to study. Why, you ask? Yes, of course, these ladies are spoiled rotten and over the top–that is a given. However, the feminine movement of several of these ladies is so graceful, natural and feminine. This is how I was trained, to move. In the first week of the Beverly Hills show, they introduce each housewife, each having their very own look, style, personality and life. But, watch for “Taylor” —   her walk is perfect, she obviously has been trained and it shows! I am often asked, who is truly feminine. This show, has 3 ladies out of my top 10 list. Perhaps, they spent some of their money, learning how to move and how to look great in the right clothing.

So, if you want to have fun, see some over the top styles…watch for The House Wives of Beverly Hills, currently on  Bravo on Thurs nights. Email me, who is your favorite and why! Bravo is running re-runs of the HouseWives of Atlanta, not such a good study.

Bravo, to Bravo!


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