Time To Change Your Hosiery To Darker Shades

I am often asked what color of hosiery to wear. In ideal situations, wear the shade which matches your natural skin shade, (arms and chest). Orange legs, with pale arms….not so great. Also, once the winter clothing comes into season, you can go into darker shades, such as coffee, taupe, sheer gray. The new hosiery has great designs with darker shades to wear with boots. Love it.

So what’s one of the biggest hosiery mistakes for TG women? Wearing dark hose to hide un-shaven legs. Certainly, dark hosiery is excellent for un-shaven legs–but the key is the color of your outfit. Unless you also have the dark shade someplace in your ensemble, you’re calling attention TO your legs, not AWAY from them. Use  the darker hosiery color also in your skirt or dresses or even jeans– to match the hose, or wear a longer skirt to cover what you want to hide. Now, the stores have darker colors of hosiery, such as gray, blue, tan!

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