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The Breast Form Store, New Products

Hello All–I had had a ton of emails, asking me about my previous posting…of the new high end breast forms made my a
“doll maker”. has these. They also have makeup samples which will blend into your specific color, and they send color samples. This is a wonderful family run tg business, which offers telephone help and returns. If you’re new and don’t understand your sizes, etc….give them a call!!

Begin with looking at their web site!


Hello Brenda

Hello Brenda- It is great to hear, from you. Yes, for the TG woman…trying different things is important, as long as you always check the “return” policy. Remember, the “Return Rule”. When ordering clothing, and you’re not sure of size….(and if it doesn’t fit) you put it back in the box/bag at that moment, have tape, and put it in the trunk of your car to drop off at the PO the next time you’re out. To many keep clothing, that doesn’t fit and you then have a large credit card to pay! So, always….prepare it to be returned, on the spot! Catalog shopping can be a wonderful way to shop, IF you return everything. Sometimes, I will have ONE item out of 4–that I actually like enough to keep. This is helpful is you feel you can’t go into a store, to try on clothing.



Thanks to Jane, for the fabulous tip. Where to find the older thigh highs from the  50’s…which are so beautiful. Remember, they do not stretch (hosiery today has spandex stretch) so order 1 or 2 sizes up. This is a great place to find them, new and in original carton. They also duplicate them.  Check it out!


New Doll Mold Breast Forms ~ At The Breast Form Store

Hello All-

If you interested in the newest, Doll Molded Breast Forms…molded by a  authetic doll maker–check these newest…at  and look for Doll Breastforms. They have a very natural slope down….not a ridge or circle. Also, The Breast Form Store has several makeup shades you can blend, into matching your skin tone. And, they have samples you can purchase (charge) and return– if you would like to see the different  colors to help you make the perfect color match to your skin!

 Take a look!



Okay Miss Christina-I need you to email me, the fabulous way…you learned to shop…so I may share it with the other girls? How do you begin, looking through catalogs or actually shopping and trying on things?

 One tip I have for catalog shopping…don’t look at the outfit on a model. She is not you and she is not me! I look at the (photo) of the dress and objectively visualize if that would look good on my body type. For new TG women don’t be tricked by sensual photos, pulled half off the shoulder…only to arrive at your home…looks like a box dress!  Instead, simply study the style, which of your body features do you want to show and what is best to covers– by knowing your body type and what is best on your body type. Also, know your size! Each store, such as or etc  will have a Misses and a Womens (larger than size 18) dresss chart. Once on the store’s web site, do a search in their search box, for sizing chart.

First, always measure your waist, and on your size chart find the dress or skirt size–that fits  YOUR current wasit. You can add in breast forms and butt pads, to match with the waistline being your most important starting point. Avoid bulky fabrics, wools, sweaters will make one look larger, as will light colors. Keep the top darker with interesting jewelry. Your bottom can hava a flair skirt, pleated skirt,  and the A-Line skirts gives balance to your shoulders.  If you have any interesting wardrobe tips, send us comments!!


Long Eyelashes

False EyeLashes For The TG Woman
Hello Everyone-
 Brenda…you emailed me, asking the best way to apply false eyleashes.
First, you do not want to buy the really thick false lashes–select the thinner lashes which will blend in with your natural eyelashes. Match to your eyebrow color.  (If you have gray eyebrows you can color them, or have someone help you color them).  You must purchase fresh glue about every 6 months. The eyelashes will be to LONG, so trim off the longer part closest to the ear. This prevents the “buckle”. Some stylist will cut them in half!
 Also, where I live in Northern CA…there is a new eyelash hut in the center open area to the entrance of our major mall. They actually, have people putting lashes on women, a few girls waiting on Fri or Sat afternoon. I’m not sure how well they do, or really….anything about this new service…but I will go soon and blog my results. This may be ideal for any special occasion, (even if you go in guy mode and sun glasses) !!

Jan 9th Macy's HUGH Sale

Hello Everyone!

Today (Jan 9th 2011) and tomorrow all Macy’s have most womens and misses clothing 50% to 75% off!  I wait for this sale all year!!

 All stores are trying to clear out all their winter clothing, to bring their new Spring/Summer clothing in by Feb. This is a great opportunity to get those expensive winter items such as: leather coats, leather boots, leather hand bags, cute hats, cashmere sweaters, etc etc. I just returned with 3 items which were 75% off. If you’re in guy mode or girl mode–get to Macy’s and save on those expensive items and they are staying open late!! If you’re on a budget as most are in this economy, this is an excellent time to grab a few items you really need. Remember to stay “Basic” and purchase items that can be coordinated with other items. If you love boots, this is the time !

Have fun and shop smart!