Jan 9th Macy's HUGH Sale

Hello Everyone!

Today (Jan 9th 2011) and tomorrow all Macy’s have most womens and misses clothing 50% to 75% off!  I wait for this sale all year!!

 All stores are trying to clear out all their winter clothing, to bring their new Spring/Summer clothing in by Feb. This is a great opportunity to get those expensive winter items such as: leather coats, leather boots, leather hand bags, cute hats, cashmere sweaters, etc etc. I just returned with 3 items which were 75% off. If you’re in guy mode or girl mode–get to Macy’s and save on those expensive items and they are staying open late!! If you’re on a budget as most are in this economy, this is an excellent time to grab a few items you really need. Remember to stay “Basic” and purchase items that can be coordinated with other items. If you love boots, this is the time !

Have fun and shop smart!


2 thoughts on “Jan 9th Macy's HUGH Sale

  1. Brenda- Thanks for your input, I am thrilled you’re able to shop in Jan and Feb for those “winter” sales items. Especially, leather. Leather boots, purse and the new longer black leather gloves, which braclets can go over. My grand mother use to call them….Driving Gloves so she would not get dark sun spots on her hands! And, I wonder why I love this world!!

  2. Denae, You are the best! Wow, 75% off! Thanks for the tip.

    Mix and match coordinates , that’s what I say. You get the most bang for your buck – and who can’t love that in this tight economy.

    Hmm, I could use a cute pair of leather boots, so I’m off to Macy’s, right now. And remember, I saw all the cutest one first, so I’ve got first dibs ;-}

    Love, Brenda

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