The Breast Form Store, New Products

Hello All–I had had a ton of emails, asking me about my previous posting…of the new high end breast forms made my a
“doll maker”. has these. They also have makeup samples which will blend into your specific color, and they send color samples. This is a wonderful family run tg business, which offers telephone help and returns. If you’re new and don’t understand your sizes, etc….give them a call!!

Begin with looking at their web site!


3 thoughts on “The Breast Form Store, New Products

  1. Shelly, let us know they hold up and if you’re still happy with them and how they look…in your clothing…in a few months! I think, this will really be a new style that will turn the breast form “look” to a much more natural one! Yes, has other great products, especially for the girl who can’t shop in person. Great personal service, a family owned business!

  2. Thanks Denae!

    The BF Store has the most helpful staff. They are a pleasure to work with.

    Shelley your tip about color samples helped a lot – thanks!

    Love, Brenda

  3. Hi Denae!

    I have ordered the new breast forms from the BF Store, and used the color samples to help with the order. They worked with me to make sure the order was correct before they started to order. I used a color sample to make sure it was correct. This is a new product for them so they asked me to provide them feedback.

    I appreciated the BF Store’s personal service, and recommend to others that they contact them to make sure everything is what you want. They are very friendly and knowledgable.


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