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Wigs Cyper Hair Is New And Curly! Fabulous New Way To Wear A Female Partial

Hello To All– I thought an interesting subject to discuss…with the upcoming warmer months….is what type of wig to wear.

 Lately, the wig manufactures have been making full-length partial wigs, whichcan be short or go down below your shoulders! They do not have a CAP. They have a plastic upper crown base, which the hair is sewn into…however it will lie flat on the top of your head. There is no pull down cap, with no bulge at the top crown of your head. If you watch Tara Banks show, she wears a long partial wigl now. In her previous days of print modeling for Victoria Secret, she wore cap wigs. You can SEE the difference. This is not your Dads old “rug”–

In addition…if one is bald on top but has male hair on side and back, your male hair can be grown longer to blend in with the longer partial. Or not.  However, this is so wonderful, you must try one on. It is cooler, lighter, and most importantly the partial blows in the wind and bounces when you jump up. A Wig will not do this.

Also, if you keep the partial short to medium, (not below your shoulders) this new Cyber Hair– which is natural human type hair which WILL HOLD A CURL–FROM A LOOSE CURL TO A CURLY STYLE. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?

Call me if you’re coming to San Francisco, and I will help you set up an appointment with the highest quality Cyber Hair Salon on the East Coast…as most salons don’t carry Cypber Hair and or excellent female partials.

Also, spring outfits are now in the stores. Best time for all sizes and colors!


MYTIGHTS (Hosiery)GLOSSARY ~ To Learn Hosiery Terms.


From   You will enjoy this site with photos. Have Fun, Denae!



The glossary aims to include every hosiery related term that you might come across, on packets or elsewhere, and to explain clearly and simply what the benefits are and how it actually works.

The glossary is sorted alphabetically, so to find what you are looking for please press on the required tabs below. There are also links from every explanation to the relevant products on our website.



Benefits: Keeps you feeling fresh, especially good in warm weather.
How it works: Actifresh helps ensure daylong freshness in all climates due to the application of a fragrant anti-perspirant.

Breathable silicone
Benefits: Used on hold ups to increase comfort, also less risk of skin irritation.
How it works : Band of silicone keeping up hold up stockings not completely solid. Silicone adhered to solid parts of lace but not to holes in the lace. Therefore allowing airflow through to leg reducing irritation of skin.

How it works: White and cream hosiery, perfect for your wedding day.
Take a look at our full range of bridal hosiery.

Comfort Band
Benefits: Results in minimal marking on calves when wearing knee-highs and ankle highs.
How it works : Knee-highs and ankle-highs are kept up with an elasticated band. Comfort bands are designed to be wider than normal and generally have graduated tightness. This will result in the product feeling more comfortable and marking on the leg will be minimised

Comfort Sole
Benefits : Mega comfortable feet. · Fantastic when standing all day.
How it works : Layer of ribbing on the sole, which gives extra support to the feet, which significantly increases comfort when standing all day.

Comfort waistband
Benefits : Reduced marking around waist. · More comfortable .
How it works : The waistband is constructed from a wider band, generally with more give, thereby spreading the pressure of the waistband. · This reduces the impact of the waistband of your tights digging in and rolling over which increases comfort and reduces marking on the body. · Similar idea to wide comfort band on knee and ankle highs.

Control Top
Benefits: Fantastic for wearing under slinky dresses as imperfections are evened out and the worry about wobbling is removed! · Control top tights are also good for everyday comfort.
How it works : Control is supplied by the relevant area being knitted from stronger (i.e. higher denier/thicker) elastane (frequently LYCRA®), which increases the pressure on the strategic area. · Control top tights are designed to either hold in the tummy, or, push up your bottom, or both.
Take a look at our full range of control top tights.

Cotton gusset
Benefits: Extra comfort and hygiene.
How it works : A circle of cotton hosiery fabric inserted into tights to improve levels of fit, comfort and durability. It is made of cotton to add coolness and hygiene.

Benefits : Techie term for how thick hosiery looks
How it works : In practical terms almost identical to denier. To be technical, decitex is the metric version of denier and 1 dtex means that 10,000 metres of yarn weighs 1gram.

Benefits : Techie term used on UK packaging for how thick hosiery is.
General Guidelines
Less than 10 denier = ultra sheer,
10-20 denier = sheer,
25-35 denier = semi-opaque,
Technically denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn from which hosiery is woven, 1 denier means that 9,000 meters of yarn weighs 1 gram. Generally the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance and the more fragile the product. Read our What Denier advice page for more information.

Denier Appearance
Benefits : Sheer appearance yet strong.
How it works : Recent developments in technology are such that certain products may have an appearance, which is lower than would be indicated by an accurate measurement of denier. In effect these tights, stockings or hold ups have strength over and above their appearance would indicate. In this situation products are frequently labelled denier appearance, and the use of the term denier is used to indicate cosmetic appearance.

Double Covered LYCRA®
Benefits : Strong, soft & high quality.
How it works : LYCRA® yarn is used as the core for all horizontal rows (i.e. every other row). Two layers of nylon thread are wound round the LYCRA® core in alternate directions. (Single covered only has one layer of nylon). Nylon yarn frequently wound more tightly than on single covered, which also makes the product stronger. Double covered LYCRA® products are generally softer than single covered LYCRA® as a better quality of nylon yarn is used to cover the LYCRA®.

Benefits: Strong fibre with stretch and recovery characteristics.
How it works : Generic name for man made elastic fibre which has strength and recovery properties. LYCRA® is Du Pont’s registered brand name for the elastane fibre only used by Du Pont.

Finish, matte
Benefits: Completely flat look tights with no reflection. Smart without drawing attention to your legs.
How it works : Hosiery that is knitted in such a way that it is matte and flat giving no reflection at all. Generally constructed from multifilament yarns, which do not reflect light.
View all matte hosiery products.

Finish, slight sheen
Benefits: Looks as though have got a touch of moisturiser on leg. Flattering as evens out appearance of leg. See [page advice/whatfinish] Choosing Hosiery – What Finish. [/page]
How it works : These ladies tights are knitted in such a way that slight reflection of light of the surface of the hosiery. Generally the more filaments used the less shiny and the softer a product is.
View all slight sheen hosiery products.

Finish, shiny
Benefits: Hosiery that has a shiny finish. See [page advice/whatfinish] Choosing Hosiery – What Finish [/page]
How it works : Shiny women’s hosiery products are normally made from trilobal or flat yarns, which reflect the light. Very shiny hosiery will look like glass on your legs.
View all shiny hosiery products.

Flat seams
Benefits: Reduced marking on body.
How it works : Better quality women’s hosiery products generally have flat seams which lie flat against the skin, as a result leave less of a mark on the body. Have less three-dimensional stretch. All flat seams are hand made.

Fully Fashioned Stockings
Benefits: Traditional Silky Stockings with a back seam
How it works : Fully fashioned seamed stockings are knitted flat and the two sides are then joined manually by hand with a fine seam up the back. Fully fashioned stockings are also tailored to the shape of your leg by decreasing and increasing the number of needles used for knitting. Take a look at our full range of stockings.


Graduated Compression
Benefits : Ideal when on feet all day, revitalises your legs. Reduces swelling in your ankles and your legs feel less tired
How it works : Due to how the product is woven the level of compression varies along the length of the leg, decreasing from the ankle to the thigh, giving additional support to ankles and knees. This minimises the blood falling to the ankles when standing all day, reducing the risk of ungainly swollen ankles. Products with graduated compression really are more comfortable to wear.
Take a look at our full range of support tights with graduated compression.

Benefits : Increased comfort and hygiene.
How it works : Panel sewn in between the legs of tights which increases the level of comfort for the wearer as well as hygiene.

Hold Ups
Benefits: Sexiness of stockings but without the inconvenience of a suspender belt. Easier to wear under close fitting clothes than stockings. Cool in summer
How it works : Hold ups have a band of silicone and elastic sewn to the top, the combination of elasticity and the friction of the silicone against the skin ensure that they stay in place. The silicone will not work if creams are applied to the leg prior to wearing hold up stockings.
See our our full range of Hold Ups.

Benefits: Generic term to describe everything worn on the legs that has nylon as its core component. · Includes tights, hold ups, stockings, knee-highs and ankle highs.
How it works : Modern hosiery generally consists of two key components; elastane (e.g. LYCRA®) and nylon.


Knee Highs
Benefits : Great with trousers
How it works : Hosiery that is designed to wear under trousers and stops just under the knee.
See our our full range of Knee Highs.

Benefits: Hosiery containing LYCRA® is stronger, fits better, resulting in increased comfort.
How it works : LYCRA® can stretch up to seven times its original length without breaking and subsequently recover its shape. This characteristic dramatically increases the fit and comfort of hosiery as well as its strength. The more rows in a hosiery product that contain LYCRA® the better the result will be and the benefits of LYCRA® will be maximised. LYCRA® is Invista’s registered brand name for its elastane fibre.

LegCare with LYCRA®
Benefits: Effectively massages and revitalises the legs. Particularly fantastic when standing for long periods. Reduces swelling of ankles. Legs feel less tired
How it works : Modern hosiery which takes care of your legs designed in the laboratory to give a gradual massaging action. Same principal as Support Tights, with level of compression decreasing from the ankle to the thigh. However the manufacturing process has passed LYCRA®’s control tests to ensure very high quality. Decreasing compression in effect massages the legs thereby reducing leg fatigue and alleviating swelling – offering performance as well as aesthetic benefits. The variance in pressure level along the leg can be felt as you put on the product.

LYCRA soft ® Benefits: Less marking on body when used in the top band of knee-highs. More comfort and fits better.
How it works : LYCRA® which has a very soft stretch, ideal for the top of knee highs as it results in a reduction in marking. The term does not refer to the softness of the product – this is determined by the covering nylon yarn.


Benefits: Comfortable hosiery to wear in advanced stages of pregnancy.
How it works : For the early months of pregnancy normal products can be worn, towards confinement, these become increasingly uncomfortable and restrictive. Maternity hosiery has additional panels/material in the brief area in conjunction with regular leg sizes and lengths. Maternity hosiery will generally also have graduated compression to give light support to your legs.
Take a look at our our full range of Maternity hosiery.

Matte Finish
Benefits: Completely flat look with no reflection. Smart without drawing attention to your legs.
How it works : Hosiery that is knitted in such a way that it is matte and flat giving no reflection at all. Generally constructed from multifilament yarns, which do not reflect light.

Benefits: Soft to touch
How it works : Type of nylon fibre that is soft.

Benefits: Extra soft to the touch.
How it works : The term microfibre is used to describe a nylon yarn that consist of a multitude of very fine filaments twisted to make a single yarn. The result is extremely soft to the touch. Generally speaking the more filaments used the softer the product. Products made from microfibres are generally matte. Shiny products however are normally made from trilobal or flat yarns which by their nature are harder to the touch. Softness and shininess are at opposite ends of spectrum

Benefits : Keep legs soft and skin smooth.
How it works : Products that are manufactured with microcapsules incorporated in the hosiery. When worn, the microcapsules in the tights release the moisturising formula onto the skin throughout the day, helping to reduce dryness and keeping legs soft to the touch.

Nylon yarn
Benefits : Core component to hosiery that impacts the look and feel.
How it works: Modern hosiery generally consists of two key components; elastane (e.g. LYCRA®) and nylon. It is the nylon yarn that determines the touch and finish of a product. A nylon yarn can consist of one, several, multi or micro filaments, the more filaments a yarn has the softer it will be. Conversely shiny yarns consist of one (flat) yarn or trilobal yarn as the shininess is achieved by how the light reflects of the yarn, multi and microfibres produce a dull finish. Softness and shininess are at opposite ends of spectrum.

Benefits : Thick hosiery that is warm and extremely durable. Generally 40 denier and over. Great for everyday and winter wear.
How it works : The thickness of hosiery and how it appears on your legs can be described either in terms of denier or, equally in terms of how sheer it is. The appearance of a pair of tights is dependent on the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn.
Take a look at our full range of opaque tights.

Benefits: The main fibre of hosiery, usually known as nylon.

Reinforced Toe
Benefits: Extra strong toe area, which reduces laddering.
How it works : 30% of first day hosiery failures are caused by toes pushing through the toe area. Reinforcement extends the life of a product. Reinforcement is achieved by using a heavier yarn and often a different knit construction on a band around the toe area.

RHT Stockings
Benefits : RHT = Reinforced Heel and Toe
How it works : The term RHT is used for stockings that have a reinforced heel and toe in a similar manner to traditional fully fashioned stockings in that the heel is knitted in them during the construction process, RHT’s do not however have a back seam.
View all stockings.

Run/Snag resistant
Benefits : Long lasting
How it works : Hosiery that has been knitted in a special way to help prevent damage to the tights resulting in laddering or snagging. Inclined to be coarser to look at and rougher to the touch.


Sandal Toe
Benefits : Barely visible reinforcement of toes, therefore possible to wear with sandals. Best in pale colours.
How it works: Reinforced toes, although more durable are unattractive if worn with open toed shoes. Sandal toes have minimal reinforcement around the toe, principally supplied by a slightly different knit construction, but in a similar denier and once on it is nearly impossible to see any difference, especially in skin tone colours. Also called shadow, nude or invisible toe. (In the USA the term sandal toe is used for definition of sheer toe).

Benefits : Hosiery that is slightly heavier and more durable than sheers, whilst still being able to see your leg through the weave. Great for everyday, also elegant for evening. Generally associated with 25-35 denier.
How it works: The thickness of hosiery and how it appears on your legs can be described either in terms of denier or, equally in terms of how sheer it is. The appearance is dependent on the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn.

Sheer Hosiery
Benefits : Term commonly used to describe fine hosiery. Most popular – 79% of hosiery purchased (by volume). Very versatile, great for everyday and evening. Generally 10-20 denier. See our denier advice page.
How it works: The thickness of hosiery and how it appears on your legs can be described either in terms of denier or, equally in terms of how sheer it is. The appearance is dependent on the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn.
View all sheer tights.

Sheer to Waist
Benefits : Completely sheer tights with no brief knitted from heavier (therefore darker) fibres.
How it works: Tights knitted without any reinforcement in brief area, which would give a darker appearance. Increased risk of putting fingers through brief area when putting on.

Sheer Toe
Benefits : Completely sheer toe, seamless with leg.
How it works: When there is no differentiation between the sheer leg of a product and the area of the toe. These are the most attractive to wear with sandals, however the risk of laddering is increased.

Slight Sheen Finish
Benefits : Looks as though you have got a touch of moisturiser on your legs. Flattering as evens out appearance of leg.
How it works: Knitted in such a way that slight reflection of light of the surface of the hosiery. Generally the more filaments used the less shiny and the softer a product is.

Shiny Finish
Benefits : Hosiery that has a shiny finish. See [page advice/whatfinish] Choosing Hosiery – What Finish [/page]
How it works: Shiny products are normally made from trilobal or flat yarns, which reflect the light.

Single Covered LYCRA®
Benefits : Strong and comfortable. Good quality
How it works: Single (and double) covered LYCRA® products have LYCRA® yarn as the base for all horizontal rows (i.e. every other course/row). The LYCRA® threads are covered by one layer of nylon wound round the core of LYCRA®.

Benefits : Extra strength, stretch and recovery.
How it works: USA and Canadian generic term for elastane, does not necessarily refer to LYCRA® which is only made by Du Pont.

Benefits:Traditional hosiery that consists of two separate legs. Kept in place by a suspender belt. Read more about the history of nylons
or view all stockings.

Support Tights
Benefits : Mega good for making legs feel more comfortable. Particularly beneficial for those prone to varicose veins.
How it works: Same principles as for graduated compression. Hosiery that has passed British Industry Standards (no:BS6612.85). Factor 6 = light support, Factor 8 = medium support, Factor 10 = firm support Factor 12 = extra firm support. Traditionally support tights have been associated with dowdy products. Now the healthcare and general comfort benefits are more widely recognised and utilised, as is illustrated by the development of elegant everyday products using graduated compression and LegCare with LYCRA®, which look fantastic as well as leaving your legs feeling revitalised at the end of the day.
View all support tights.

Benefits : Extra soft to the touch
How it works: The softness of Tactel is due to the low denier per filament making up the yarn Tactel is the trade name for a range of nylon yarns now owned by Du Pont.


Benefits : Best possible strength, stretch and recovery giving ‘second skin’ fit. Uniform appearance Generally very soft.
How it works: LYCRA® in every knitting row, therefore every thread (both horizontal and vertical) has a LYCRA® core (which can be single or double covered), giving stronger and better stretch and recovery characteristics. Due to all threads being identical in composition the appearance is more even. 3D products are generally softer to the touch as better quality nylon yarn is used to cover the LYCRA®.

Thank you for all your comments

Hello Everyone- I just took some time, to read all your comments to me and to one another. I love that you can blog me or any other TG woman out there, and ask for advise or tips on any TG image related issue you’re not sure about. My girls know….I always say…go slow. Don’t impulse buy. Save up for a good, quality wig or partial. I just bought my first partial (crazy, but I love different looks). The partials now, look like wigs! But, they have NO pull down cap–and it actually makes perfect sense. It has the standard rubber top piece-with hair swen into it….but it lays flat on your head–and you can use the clips to hold it into any of your guy side and back hair OR push in bobbie pins.   If you notice Tyra Banks on her television show, she does not look like she has a “thick” wig on that is high on the crown and thick.  The reason is this partial is flat to her head with no pull down cap?  A partial.. can be very long ..and Tara’s is very long to her shoulders. Or, you can cut it Medium or Short or even blend it in with your buy hair (use same color)  So, its not your Dad’s old hair piece!! Its an entirely new partial for female hair!! I love them, and I am putting most of my clients into them now. No more bulky big, thich crown wigs!

If you’re stuck for now with a cap wig, ask a hair stylist to THIN out the top crown area, not cut. Thin will take out the bulk, of to much thick hair in the top crown. The wig makers put in more hair so your stylist can thin them out, but most of you probably order off the internet and take it out of the box and onto your head!

So, find a hair stylist you can confide in. (Wig salons sell more wigs to CDs than to genetic women, so not to worry). Thin, then cut bangs to fit your head. Remember, don’t pull the wig down to far on your head. Have the band of the wig, fit…exactly where your natural hair line would be. If your over 50, get a partial or wig that has some ash blonde or yellow blonde or reddish blonde highlights. Dark wigs on ANYONE over 50 will only make your skin appear more wrinkled. Remember Elvis, old with dark black hair…how awful his face looked…pale? So, lighten your hair applicance (as the professionals call them now) with lighter highlights–which are the same percentage of the gray in your natural hair. Then, use a pencil to cover any gray in your eyebrows, matching the new color. Always trim the eyebrows–on the wild long eyebrows.

I would love to hear from you!


PS Gold Rush is coming soon!

TG Model Featured In Voque (In Europe)

Good news for all the “taller” TG women. Yesterday, Ophra had a new TG Women, who was raised in Brazil, very tall…and her father is/was a professional soccer player in Brazil. She was discovered for “Runway” modeling (runway models are generally over 5’9′) and in the profession….we were called “Rail Models”…..not great for photo modeling but wonderful for runway, due to being tall, long arms, long legs, and a longer face. Now, on Ophra she discussed her hardship of growing up…feeling like a girl…..while having a father in professional sports. If you have not seen her, go to  and look for the show Feb 17 or 18. She is currently non-op but waiting for the Italian Gov to give her permission. I thought, she looked great…and had fabulous movement. Graceful, feminine, yet confident and open. However, as a TG Coach…..I was shocked she has not worked on her voice…with all the professional people she has to help. When she first spoke, my first thought was….Oh, so pretty….but OMG her voice sounds like a very deep, male voice with resonance, and no inflection. Take a look a tell me what you think.


Colorado Gold Rush Conference

There is a great TG conference being held in Colorado next week. Its taking place in Denver and is called Gold Rush. I went last year and had a great time. I taught two classes and met lots of new friends. Its mostly girls from the mountain states but I met people from all over the country. I will be unable to attend this year but they have some great classes and sessions, including a couple of TG oriented films. You can find out more by visiting their web site at:


Breast Forms From Doll Mold

Hello to all of you, who left comments. It is wonderful to hear, the new “doll” breast forms look so real. Yes, the makeup helps to blend them into your natural skin tone. I do suggest you order the “skin test” shades…as they return your money, when you return the sample test colors. You can check them out at or

Please leave any other comments, you may have on this, positive or negative so other girls are guided in the right direction!