Thank you for all your comments

Hello Everyone- I just took some time, to read all your comments to me and to one another. I love that you can blog me or any other TG woman out there, and ask for advise or tips on any TG image related issue you’re not sure about. My girls know….I always say…go slow. Don’t impulse buy. Save up for a good, quality wig or partial. I just bought my first partial (crazy, but I love different looks). The partials now, look like wigs! But, they have NO pull down cap–and it actually makes perfect sense. It has the standard rubber top piece-with hair swen into it….but it lays flat on your head–and you can use the clips to hold it into any of your guy side and back hair OR push in bobbie pins.   If you notice Tyra Banks on her television show, she does not look like she has a “thick” wig on that is high on the crown and thick.  The reason is this partial is flat to her head with no pull down cap?  A partial.. can be very long ..and Tara’s is very long to her shoulders. Or, you can cut it Medium or Short or even blend it in with your buy hair (use same color)  So, its not your Dad’s old hair piece!! Its an entirely new partial for female hair!! I love them, and I am putting most of my clients into them now. No more bulky big, thich crown wigs!

If you’re stuck for now with a cap wig, ask a hair stylist to THIN out the top crown area, not cut. Thin will take out the bulk, of to much thick hair in the top crown. The wig makers put in more hair so your stylist can thin them out, but most of you probably order off the internet and take it out of the box and onto your head!

So, find a hair stylist you can confide in. (Wig salons sell more wigs to CDs than to genetic women, so not to worry). Thin, then cut bangs to fit your head. Remember, don’t pull the wig down to far on your head. Have the band of the wig, fit…exactly where your natural hair line would be. If your over 50, get a partial or wig that has some ash blonde or yellow blonde or reddish blonde highlights. Dark wigs on ANYONE over 50 will only make your skin appear more wrinkled. Remember Elvis, old with dark black hair…how awful his face looked…pale? So, lighten your hair applicance (as the professionals call them now) with lighter highlights–which are the same percentage of the gray in your natural hair. Then, use a pencil to cover any gray in your eyebrows, matching the new color. Always trim the eyebrows–on the wild long eyebrows.

I would love to hear from you!


PS Gold Rush is coming soon!

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